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CNC Cutting

  • Specialize in engraving and profiling
  • High-Power Laser Cutting Is Always Ready For Use
  • Modern CNC cutting machinery enables us to work with the highest precision (up to 0.1 mm) with a variety of materials.
  • ISO 9001:2015, ITAF 16949

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CNC Cutting Services Online – CNC Metal & Plastic Cutting Company

Be-cu is a China custom parts company specialized in custom cnc cutting parts manufacturing for more than 30 years, with advanced in-house equipment and tool facility, proficient machinists, and rich expertise, we can provide precision cnc cutting services and customize quality metal and plastic cnc cutting parts with exact specification, budget prices and on-time delivery based on your requirements. In our cnc cutting shop, cutting,milling, turning, drilling and more processes are available, as well as excellent surface finishing. We are aiming to establish close and friendly cooperation with worldwide customers.

Why Choose Be-cu CNC Cutting Services

  • Highly trained machinists and skilled engineers can help you create and improve the design.
  • A broad range of techniques can be performed at our machine shop with efficiency and speed.
  • With up-to-date manufacturing facilities, our CNC machines work with a number of materials.
  • Final CNC custom cut parts with high precision are easily reproducible in a much shorter time.
  • Prompt reply and communication, we’ll get you updated on the whole progress of the production.
  • Free online quotes and design feedback to provide effective solutions and suggestions.

What is CNC Cutting? – Cnc Cutting Define

CNC cutting refers to the workpiece instruction (or program) used to control the machine tool or equipment, which is a new control method given in digital form. When the instruction is provided to the control device of the CNC automatic cutting machine, the cutting machine can automatically cut according to the given program. CNC cutting technology is an organic combination of traditional processing technology and computer numerical control technology, computer-aided design and auxiliary manufacturing technology. CNC cutting consists of two parts: CNC system and mechanical frame.Compared with traditional manual and semi-automatic cutting, CNC cutting can effectively control cutting quality and improve cutting efficiency through numerical control system (cutting technology, cutting process and automatic control technology provided by the controller).

What Is Laser CNC Cutting?

Excellent inclination and small area affected by heat. Basically no slag, it can achieve good to excellent fine cutting effect under the narrowest camber conditions. Production capacity: the cutting torch can be quickly disengaged, which improves the production efficiency, and the cutting speed is extremely fast when cutting metal materials with a thickness of less than 6mm. Thick, the slower the speed, the thicker the metal, the longer the perforation time. Generally, laser cutting is used in non-metal cutting metal, and only high-precision laser cutting will be used!

Types of CNC Cutting – CNC Cutting Technologies & Processes

CNC Plasma Cutting

a plasma cutting torch is usually used cut through various materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, etc., ideal for budget rapid prototyping, large pieces, extended jobs, more. It is the most affordable cutting option.

CNC Waterjet Cutting

this process uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water to carry abrasive grit, which leaves a precise and smooth cut surface on the workpiece. Water jet cutting is the most versatile method to cut almost any material with good surface quality and no heat affected zone, but it is less efficiently compared to the other two cutting techniques.

CNC Laser Cutting

a manufacturing process carried out by CNC laser cutters, lasers can cut a number of materials, even cut through the toughest metals and hardest gemstones with efficiency. It is also an extremely quick process to cut wood and plastic materials to create excellent cut edge quality and an exceptional level of detail. Laser cutting can produce intricate parts to high tolerances with a smooth surface finish.

CNC Cutting Applications – What is CNC Cutting Used for

Because the CNC Cutting allows a very high precision without altering the structure of the material with a good rate of manufacture, CNC Cutting is becoming increasingly common as its machine range, control systems and cutting tools are just growing. Our CNC Cutting service is used to produce a variety of custom-designed CNC Cutting parts and products in all areas of the industry:

Scientific Equipment
Art & Crafts
Municipal Engineering
Sporting Equipment

The Case Studies Of CNC Cutting Parts

You have a complex part design, Our CNC Cutting service can help you turn it into a reality. With the right equipment, strong technical knowledge, and a focus on quality.. From tool design to finishing and then on to shipment, Be-cu prototpe ensure that every project is completed to a high standard and that your orders are delivered on time, every time.

  • 304-Stainless-Steel-Sheet-Laser-Cutting
    Laser Cutting 304 Stainless Steel Sheet Via Weldig And Bending
  • Laser Cutting And Bending UAV Body Shell
    Laser Cutting And Bending UAV Body Shell
  • Laser Cutting Galvanized Sheet
    Laser Cutting Galvanized Sheet
  • Die Punching And Convex Forming Automobile Galvanized Sheet
    Die Punching And Convex Forming Automobile Galvanized Sheet
  • Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Drone Rack
    Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Drone Rack
  • Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Guitar Shape Crafts
    Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Guitar Shape Crafts
  • Carbon Fiber Luggage Tag Ornaments
    Carbon Fiber Luggage Tag Ornaments
  • Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Positioning Keyboard
    Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Positioning Keyboard
  • One-Piece Deep Hole Drilling And Precision Laser Cutting Stainless 316 Square Plate
    One-Piece Deep Hole Drilling And Precision Laser Cutting Stainless 316 Square Plate
  • Wafers Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Circular Plates
    Wafers Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Circular Plates