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PTFE(Teflon) is a high-performing and inexpensive polymer that makes an ideal substitute for metals. Teflon CNC Machining And More ptfe manufacturing works are also offered.Learn about manufacturing custom Teflon parts

Custom Teflon PFA Pipe Reamer By CNC

ISO 9001:2015 certified. Custom Teflon PFA Pipe Reamer CNC machining and fabricating of engineered plastics.

Precision Turning Vacuum Stirring Sealing Plug

Vacuum Stirring Sealing Plug Precision Turning And CNC Machining services working with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material. With tolerances of ...

White Wear-Resistant Teflon Machined Insualators

Custom White Wear-Resistant Teflon Machined Insulators services. CNC Swiss & automatic screw machining services available.

CNC Machining Teflon Engineering Plastic Parts

Custom cnc manufacturer of Teflon Engineering Plastic Parts.

Precision CNC Turning PTFE Branch Device Parts

PTFE Branch Device Parts Precision CNC Turning services. Capabilities include CNC turning and milling, gear hobbing, broaching, cutting, facing, ...

Precision Machining Teflon Insulation Cover

Precision Machining services for PTFE/Teflon Insulation Cover. Capable of handling parts up to 12 in. dia. with +/-0.0002 in. tolerance.