China Be-cu(PTJ) is one of the best rapid prototyping shop,specialist in cnc machining, 3D Printing,stamping,Laser Cutting,plastic jection,metal casting,mold manufacturing and sheet metal ensure that your project are actualized in the real world in just a few days
Wire Cutting Parts

EDM Wire Cutting And Milling Machining 45# Steel Parts

Fully-equipped facilities and skilled operators help us provide precision steel machining parts such as steel shaft, threaded steel rods, steel pipe, ...

Fast Silk Wire Cutting And Cnc Milling Steel Parts

From steel milling parts to Wire Cutting fabricated components, from plastic injection molded parts to solid 3D printings, we’ll ensure the highest ...

Wire Cutting And 5 Axis Machining 45# Carbon Steel Parts

Carbon Steel alloy parts are important for the electronic and machinery industry because of their lightweight construction and decent strength.

Cnc Machining And Wire Cutting S45C Steel Parts

Be-cu is a China-leading CNC machining workshop offering mass production S45C Steel parts with a wide variety of manufacturing and fabrication ...

Customized Roll Comb Aluminum Tube Sheet

Manufacturers that provide customized roll-combed aluminum tube sheets and wire forming, including CNC wire forming, straightening and cutting.

Wire-cut Machining Of Hollow Aluminum Tube For Insulation Cup Shell

Custom manufacturer of insulating cup shell straightening and cutting line hollow aluminum tubes. The materials used include bright basic carbon ...

Wire Cutting And CNC Turning Of Iron Castings

ISO 9001:2008 certified Iron Castings services for electrical discharge machining (EDM) parts. Electropolishing services are suitable for medical, ...

NAK80 CNC Milling+EDM+Slow Wire Plastic Mold Inserts

TS16949 & ISO 4001 certified electropolishing services for steel electrical discharge machining (EDM) parts. Capabilities to finish parts up to 18 ...

DH2F CNC Milling+EDM+Slow Wire Plastic Mold Inserts

ISO 9001:2015 certified custom Plastic Mold Inserts services including electrical discharge machining (EDM) parts electropolishing services

Wire Cutting Aluminum Alloy 6061T Framework

BE-CU.COM mainly produces marine hatch covers, mechanical sheet metal structural parts, manhole covers, steel doors, marine accessories, Wuxi steel ...

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