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Nylon 3D Printed Size 5 Basketball

These machines were designed by HP as an ideal solution for Size 5 Basketball production. The printers are unique in that they separate the process ...

CNC Custom Wooden Children’s Toys

Wooden children's toys are toys primarily made from wood that are designed and crafted for children to play with. These toys can range from simple ...

Precision Turning Solid Wood Dice

Solid wood dice are dice made entirely from a single piece of wood, typically hardwoods like maple, oak, cherry, or walnut.

Custom Wood Chess Board, Sets And Pieces

Be-Cu is a rapid prototoyping company that can meet your demands of OEM wood chess board, wood chess sets supplies, wood chess pieces, etc.,

jetFusion 3D Printing Triceratops Mother and Child Sculpture

In my opinion, the 3D printing cultural and creative service platform led by Be-Cu Prototype shows how creative and artistic workers can use 3D ...

CNC Machining Metal Chess Pieces,Board And Sets

CNC machining enables the creation of finely detailed chess pieces with intricate designs, shapes, and polished finishes.

DLP 3D Printing DragonBall Dragon Desktop Ornaments

We can tailor the designs to fit your preferences or to create a series of characters or Dragon Balls. You can modify the size, stance, or details to ...

DIY Wooden Board Puzzle Laser Cutting

Creating a wooden board puzzle with laser cutting is a fun and creative DIY project. You can design and cut various puzzle pieces from a wooden board ...

CNC Machined Fidget Spinner

It consists of a bidirectional or multi-directional symmetrical body as the main body, with a bearing embedded in the middle of the main body.

100% Reproduction 3D Printed Penguin Family Model

Penguins are a group of flightless birds that are primarily found in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica.

SLA 3D Printed Liu Bang Character Model

Liu Bang (256-195 BC) was the founder of the Han Dynasty, which ruled China for over four centuries.

Colorful 3D Printed Winnie The Pooh Model

Be-Cu prototype is a professional china 3d printing factory for model making, this Winnie The Pooh model is an office ornament project we made for a ...

Metal Spinning Top Toy

Metal spinning top toys have fascinated both children and adults for generations. With their mesmerizing spinning motion and elegant design, these ...

SLA 3D Printing Black Panther Trophy By Spray Paint

A Black Panther trophy, in this context, refers to a 3D printed model or replica of the Black Panther character from Marvel Comics and the ...

MJF 3D Printing Handicraft Prototype

MJF 3D printing services for Handicraft Prototype.Geometry and process-driven tolerance ranges from 0.01 to +/-1 mm. Prototype and low to high volume ...