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Custom Copper Parts

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Fabrication Copper Parts Supplier – Custom Copper Components Manufacturer

Of course, you don’t want standard parts you can buy anywhere and everywhere. Be-cu understand the need for specialized custom copper parts you and all of our customers have. To help you get exactly what you need, we offer technology, experience, and skills at very competitive and affordable prices.Be-cu has been fabrication copper parts of various sizes, from miniature to oversized, and various shapes, from simplest to the most complicated.

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Be-cu Shop has custom machined copper parts for over 30 years. You can design and order your parts with our free rapid quote tooling or upload your own CAD file to our email:[email protected] for a fast quote.

What Is Copper Parts Parts –  Copper Define

What Is Copper Parts Parts – Copper Define

Copper Parts are actually pure copper or copper alloy parts obtained by various fabrication methods.

Copper is one of the earliest metals used by humans. As early as prehistoric times, people began to mine open-pit copper mines and use the obtained copper to make weapons, tools and other utensils. The use of copper had a profound impact on the progress of early human civilization. Copper is a metal found in the earth’s crust and oceans. The content of copper in the earth’s crust is about 0.01%, and in individual copper deposits, the content of copper can reach 3% to 5%. Most of the copper in nature exists as a compound, that is, copper ore.Copper is a metal element and a transition element. The chemical symbol is Cu, the English copper, and the atomic number is 29. Pure copper is a soft metal, the surface is red-orange with metallic luster when it is just cut, and the element is purple-red. It has good ductility, high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, so it is the most commonly used material in cables and electrical and electronic components. It can also be used as a building material and can be composed of many kinds of alloys. Copper alloys have excellent mechanical properties and low resistivity, the most important of which are bronze and brass. In addition, copper is also a durable metal that can be recycled many times without compromising its mechanical properties.

Copper is a non-ferrous metal that is closely related to human beings. It is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields. It is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China. Copper is a red metal, but also a green metal. It is said to be a green metal mainly because it has a low melting point and is easy to re-melt and re-smelt, so it is quite cheap to recycle.

Experienced To Offer More Manufacturing Options

Copper Cnc Milling
Copper Cnc Turning
Copper Swiss Machining
Copper Spinning
Copper Stamping

Custom Copper Parts Applications – What is Custom Copper Parts Used for

Because the fabrication allows a very high precision without altering the structure of the material with a good rate of manufacture, fabrication is becoming increasingly common as its machine range, control systems and cutting tools are just growing. Our fabrication service is used to produce a variety of custom-designed fabrication parts and products in all areas of the industry:

Scientific Equipment
Art & Crafts
Municipal Engineering
Sporting Equipment

The Case Studies Of Custom Copper Parts

You have a complex copper parts design, Our fabrication service can help you turn it into a reality. With the right equipment, strong technical knowledge, and a focus on quality.. From tool design to finishing and then on to shipment, Be-cu prototpe ensure that every project is completed to a high standard and that your orders are delivered on time, every time.