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Cnc Machining Parts

CNC Turn-Mill Machining Hastelloy c276 Parts

Be-Cu prototype inc choose tools specifically designed for machining superalloys like Hastelloy C276.Contact us!

Precision CNC Machining Inconel 718 Cast Impeller

Precision CNC machining of Inconel 718 cast impellers demands expertise, proper equipment, and careful planning to achieve the desired results.

CNC Machining Metal Chess Pieces,Board And Sets

CNC machining enables the creation of finely detailed chess pieces with intricate designs, shapes, and polished finishes.

Micro CNC Machining Kovar 4J29 Medical Implant

Micro CNC machining of Kovar 4J29 for medical implants requires precision and expertise due to the material's properties and the critical nature of ...

Precision Engraving Special-Shaped Natural Color PEEK Parts

Precision engraving special-shaped natural color PEEK parts involves the creation of intricate designs or markings on PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) ...

CNC Machined Fidget Spinner

It consists of a bidirectional or multi-directional symmetrical body as the main body, with a bearing embedded in the middle of the main body.

Custom Stainless Steel 316 Goblet By Turning

Stainless Steel 316 is known for its strength and durability, ensuring that the goblet can withstand frequent use without easily denting or ...

Precision Turning H59 Brass Dough Hooks And Beaters

Dough hooks and beaters are attachments commonly used with electric hand mixers and stand mixers to assist in various baking and cooking tasks.

CNC Turning Stainless Steel 316 Grinding Core For Coffee Mill

A coffee mill grinding core, often referred to as a coffee grinder burr or grinding mechanism, is a critical parts of a manual or electric coffee ...

Precision 316 Stainless Steel Cookware Boiler Cover For Kitchen

Precision boiler cover helps trap heat within the pot or pan, which can speed up the cooking process and save energy by reducing heat loss.

Brass Direct Injection Flame Distributor Nozzle For Gas Stove

At,Nozzles can be customized to suit specific industrial requirements, including different sizes, spray patterns, and flow rates.

CNC Machining Gas Stove Bottom Joint

Gas Stove Bottom Joint Machining and casting services. Capabilities include CNC turning and milling. Materials handled include aluminum, brass, ...

Precision Turning Stainless Steel 4 Minute Extra Thread Faucet

Through CNC Turning, the stainless steel material can be processed into fine shapes and structures to realize different functions of the oxygen ...

CNC Machining Brass Natural Gas Kitchen Appliance Valve Core

In natural gas appliances, including those used in kitchens, brass valves are commonly used due to their durability and resistance to corrosion.

CNC Turning-Milling Machining Copper Facial Massage Roller

A facial massage roller is a beauty tool designed to help improve the health and appearance of your skin through facial massage

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