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CNC Turning-Milling Machining Copper Facial Massage Roller

A facial massage roller is a beauty tool designed to help improve the health and appearance of your skin through facial massage

CNC Turning 24K Gold-Plated Beauty Instrument Massage Head

we will take you to understand the application of CNC turning technology in the massage head of the beauty instrument, so that you can appreciate the ...

Precision Turning Stainless Steel Beauty Salon Oxygen Injection Instrument

Through CNC Turning, the stainless steel material can be processed into fine shapes and structures to realize different functions of the oxygen ...

CNC Turning Diamond Dermabrasion Head Microdermabrasion Replacements Tips

Be-Cu Offering Precision CNC turning services for Diamond Dermabrasion Head Microdermabrasion Replacements Tips. Works with stainless steel and more ...