China Be-cu(PTJ) is one of the best rapid prototyping shop,specialist in cnc machining, 3D Printing,stamping,Laser Cutting,plastic jection,metal casting,mold manufacturing and sheet metal ensure that your project are actualized in the real world in just a few days
Cnc Milling Parts

EDM Wire Cutting And Milling Machining 45# Steel Parts

Fully-equipped facilities and skilled operators help us provide precision steel machining parts such as steel shaft, threaded steel rods, steel pipe, ...

Fast Silk Wire Cutting And Cnc Milling Steel Parts

From steel milling parts to Wire Cutting fabricated components, from plastic injection molded parts to solid 3D printings, we’ll ensure the highest ...

Wire Cutting And 5 Axis Machining 45# Carbon Steel Parts

Carbon Steel alloy parts are important for the electronic and machinery industry because of their lightweight construction and decent strength.

Cnc Machining And Wire Cutting S45C Steel Parts

Be-cu is a China-leading CNC machining workshop offering mass production S45C Steel parts with a wide variety of manufacturing and fabrication ...

45# Carbon Steel Parts By Precision Cnc Machining

45# Carbon Steel electronic lcd hardware and device mount parts from BE-CU.COM are manufactured in the fully-equipped machine shop, using advanced ...

CNC Milling Machining PEEK Medical Parts

Custom CNC precision PEEK plastic milling services for Medical parts and components that meet the most exacting requirements. Components and parts ...

Custom Cnc Milling Machining Aluminum Alloy 2024 Parts

Precision CNC four-axis machining services. Milling and wire EDM services are available. Milling can be done on Aluminum Alloy 2024 Parts in lengths ...

Five-Axis Precision Cnc Milling Machining IOT Robotic Parts

ISO 9001:2015 certified. Five-Axis Precision Cnc Milling Machining services for IOT Robotic Parts industries. Processes include milling, turning, ...

Five-Axis Precision Cnc Milling Automation Parts

Precision Five-Axis CNC machining services including milling. Works with Automation Parts. Prototypes are available. Serves the oil and gas ...

4-Axis CNC Machining Aluminum 2011 Medical Parts

Be-cu Offers production four-axis high-speed Aluminum 2011 machining. Has internal capacity to handle high volume as well as short-run medical parts.

Aluminum 6063 Complex Robotic Parts By 5 Axis Cnc Machining

5-axis precision CNC machining and milling of Aluminum 6063 alloys, from Complex Robotic Parts design to production.

CNC 5-Axis Precision Machining Aluminum Alloy Robot Parts

5-axis precision NC and CNC machining services for Aluminum Alloy Robot Parts industries. Capable of handling parts up to 10,000 lbs.

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