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SLS 3D Printing Parts

3D Printing Font Engraving Color Painting Dragon Head Trophy

A dragon head trophy typically refers to a decorative or symbolic representation of a dragon's head, often mounted on a wall or displayed as a ...

3D Printing Full Transparent Acrylic Lampshade Model

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) services for Full Transparent Acrylic Lampshade Model. Works with PC and other materials.

3DP Rapid Prototyping Ancient Temple

Ancient Temple Selective laser sintering (SLS) Additive manufacturing services working with ABS materials. Secondary services such as 3D design or ...

SLS 3D Printing Casual Shoe Model

SLS 3D Printing Service for the Casual Shoe Model industries. Works with metal, nylon, thermoplastic polyurethane and polypropylene.

3D Printing High Performance Nylon Parts

Dongguan BE-CU Prototype Co. Ltd. is a high technological enterprise which specialized in producing High Performance Nylon Parts and 3D filaments in ...

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