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3D Printed Bike Fender

It is designed to attach to the front or rear wheel of a bicycle and serves the purpose of protecting the rider from water, mud, dirt, and debris ...

3D Scan And SLA Printing Money Tree Ornaments

Money tree ornaments can refer to decorative items or decorations used in the context of a "money tree" or "wishing tree" tradition.

CNC Turning Wear-Resistant HDPE Fasteners

In the world of precision engineering, where strength, resilience, and precision matter most, our CNC Turning Wear-Resistant HDPE Fasteners emerge as ...

Precision Machining Black HDPE IP65 Waterproof Plug

Designed to exceed your expectations, Black HDPE IP65 Waterproof Plug offers a seamless blend of advanced materials, precision machining ...

3D Printed Octopus

Our state-of-the-art octopus 3D printing technology allows us to create intricately designed octopus model with impeccable detail, vibrant colors, ...

CNC Turning Black 6-32 Nylon Machine Screws

Be-Cu is a leading CNC Turning shop and fabricator, specializing in custom Black 6-32 Nylon Machine Screws for industrial applications.

CNC Machining Welding Fixture Base For LED Industries

A CNC machining welding fixture base used in the LED (Light Emitting Diode) industry.

Precision Milling Mask Machine Bakelite Baffle

Precision milling typically involves using specialized machines to remove material from a workpiece with high accuracy and tight tolerances.

CNC Milling Off-White Flame-Retardant ABS Plastic Parts

Flame-Retardant ABS includes additives that enhance its flame-retardant properties, making it suitable for applications where fire resistance is ...

Precision Turning Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) ABS Parts

ESD ABS contains additives that help dissipate static electricity, making it suitable for applications where electrostatic discharge could damage ...

Custom CNC Turning UV-resistant ABS Parts

UV-resistant ABS contains additives that protect the material from degradation caused by exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. This grade ...

Precision Machining High-Impact ABS Parts

High-Impact ABS is formulated to provide exceptional impact resistance, even at low temperatures.

MJF 3D Printing Bicycle Honeycomb Saddle

By utilizing MJF technology to create bicycle saddles with honeycomb structures, Be-Cu China 3D Printing manufacturers can now offer cyclists ...

SLA 3D Printing ABS Plastic Flower Bud

With ISO 9001 certified, Be-Cu prototype can provide custom services for any crafts. If you need manufacturing ABS Plastic Flower Bud, and seeking ...

3D Printing Simulation Toy Car

Our online Simulation Toy Car 3D printing service enables you to 3D print your custom Toy Car on demand.