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BE-CU provides global industries with Precision Fabrication Services. Our high quality fabrication services including CNC machining, rapid tooling, stamping,laser cutting,injection molding, vacuum casting, pressure die casting, sheet metal forming, aluminum extrusion and 3D printing.Our engineering team has vast experience in complex components production with tight tolerance, high precision and extraordinary accuracy for various industries. We claim to take up all your challenge request, no matter how difficult to achieve. We also can conquer them with the same precision in our easiest machining job.

It is tempting to say that every industry needs the same thing from a machining supplier: complete confidence in the ability to deliver on time, on spec and on budget.While this is essentially true, we’ve learned over 30 years of working reality that many critical differences make military or medical projects different from automotive, aerospace or electronic ones. Learning these special requirements – and successfully responding to them – is what makes BE-CU the choice for oem parts across a wide variety of specialized fields.We offer custom prototyping and manufacturing services for a wide range of performance-critical industries. Industries we serve include:


Be-cu offers high precision CNC Automotive Machining And Die Casting to create a wide variety of OEM Automotive parts (Car parts) & components.


Be-cu is a sophisticated semiconductor Manufacturing services supplier to offer precision machined semiconductor components that customer needed.


Be-cu offers high precision CNC Machining or other service to create a wide variety of CNC Machined Aerospace parts (aviation parts).


We offer precision machining service for custom agricultural parts & components, manufacture agricultural parts to meet customers’ requirements.


China top supplier of advanced fabrication Services (machining and more) for Electronics industry, Be-cu offers a complete range of CNC Machined Electronic parts and components!


Be-cu is China top precision machined components manufacturer offering CNC turning, milling, and drilling services for unmatched quality CNC machining parts for IPC Enclosure.


Be-cu focus on intricate parts machining for high tech equipment like opticalscreen holder and manipulator. Our CNC machines are able to meet the tight tolerance requirement in optical industry.


We are able to produce shaft,fixtures, jigs, gauges, molds, dies, cutting equipment and patterns, all these are the most common tools in a multitude of manufacturing process.


China advanced Bicycle Parts Manufacturing supplier oem bicycle parts are made using advanced manufacturing processes that assist in longer, consistent performances of your bikes and prevent a breakdown in crucial moments.


Once small parts are instrumental for lifesaving success in medical industry, Be-cu is always your best option. We are the supplier to manufacturer of surgical instruments, respiratory, cardio pulmonary devices, and cardiac devices.


OEM Service helps in the Motor industry for both prototyping and production applications.We provide best Fabrication service for Motor manufacturing industry, manufacture kinds of Motor parts & components.


Be-cu is a leading CNC machining company and die casting supplier of precision led lighting CNC machined parts and die casting services for led parts industry,manufacture to meet customers’ requirements.


We are committed to supplying high quality CNC machined components for Marine industry. Buy cheap CNC marine parts from Be-cu for your applications!


Precision CNC Machining ,die casting,stamping,3d printing and more Fabrication Service for Your Prototyping and Production of Custom Motorcycle Parts


We know what it takes to be the best product among the competition and we know how to Fabrication a consumer parts that can bring in big orders.


Be-cu recognizes that robotic machining and die casting requires strict specifications, strong and durable materials, and also lot & batch traceability.


Our bathroom parts machining services and custom parts at Be-cu respond to the bathroom market’s constant demand for high tech materials and precision designs


Oil field and energy professionals can trust to confidently deliver their parts on time&tolerances&efficiency required of the energy industry.


Military spec parts machining by Be-cu is designed to meet the most demanding standards of the Military. To Be-cu this is more than a specification.


Telecom manufacturers recognize that Be-cu always hits the mark when producing large quantities of parts that are reliable, on-time, and cost efficient.

Strong Collaborative Manufacturing Network

Be-cu has 8 self-operated factories, serving 10,000+ customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.
In the future, Be-cu will continue to empower traditional manufacturing and create a full industrial chain for manufacturing OEM parts

Cnc Machining:
Fast proofing and mass production of parts, 24-hour quotation system, minimum order of 1 piece, delivery in the fastest 2 days, 100% full inspection.
Die Casting:
Under the control of ISO9001 and TS 16949,All processes are carried out through hundreds of advanced die casting machines, 5-axis machining, and other facilities, ranging from blasters to Ultra Sonic washing machines
3D Printing:
Upload drawings, 5s quotation, 100+ printable industrial materials, 400+ industrial-grade 3D printers, FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF, SLM multiple processes
More Process:
Strict follow-up and control of the entire process from quotation to delivery.Other Serviced Include Sheet metal rapid proofing, stamping die manufacturing and high-speed stamping, forging die manufacturing, etc.,