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3D Printing Parts

Development Resin Samples For Sports Shoes

Resin samples sports shoes typically refer to shoes that are created using resin as a material for the upper, sole, or other components.

3D Printed Sports Shoes Sole Model

A 3D printed sports shoe sole model refers to a three-dimensional representation or prototype of the sole of a sports shoe that has been created ...

Powder Sintering 3D Printed Shoe Midsole Sample

Assisting in the development and design of high-performance 3D printed shoes, and has reached cooperation with many china footwear brands.

FFF Fused Wire Extrusion 3D Printed Pure Copper Parts

Among the many materials explored for 3D printing, copper, with its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, has been a sought-after metal.

DLP 3D Printing DragonBall Dragon Desktop Ornaments

We can tailor the designs to fit your preferences or to create a series of characters or Dragon Balls. You can modify the size, stance, or details to ...

3D Printing Brown Wax Anime Doll

There is always one that suits your needs, but some users, who require higher accuracy, will choose to use red wax material. The highest accuracy of ...

Casting Silver Rings

Investment casting is a popular method for making silver rings because it allows for intricate and detailed designs that might be challenging to ...

Investment Cast 925 Silver Moon Earrings

When it comes to 925 silver moon earrings, investment casting can be used to produce highly detailed and delicate designs.

3D Printing Font Engraving Color Painting Dragon Head Trophy

A dragon head trophy typically refers to a decorative or symbolic representation of a dragon's head, often mounted on a wall or displayed as a ...

100% Reproduction 3D Printed Penguin Family Model

Penguins are a group of flightless birds that are primarily found in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica.

SLA 3D Printed Liu Bang Character Model

Liu Bang (256-195 BC) was the founder of the Han Dynasty, which ruled China for over four centuries.

Colorful 3D Printed Winnie The Pooh Model

Be-Cu prototype is a professional china 3d printing factory for model making, this Winnie The Pooh model is an office ornament project we made for a ...

MJF 3D Printing Black Nylon Medical Arm Guards

Black nylon medical arm guards, also known as arm sleeves or arm protectors,Medical professionals, such as nurses and doctors, may wear black nylon ...

3D Printed Bike Fender

It is designed to attach to the front or rear wheel of a bicycle and serves the purpose of protecting the rider from water, mud, dirt, and debris ...

Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printed Bike Light

A bike light is a lighting device designed to be mounted on a bicycle to enhance visibility during low-light conditions or nighttime riding.

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