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As the demand for metal parts, components, and products continues to grow, so does the need for high-speed, reliable manufacturing methods that can produce replicas of complex metal designs. Due to this demand, metal stamping has become one of the most versatile and popular volume manufacturing processes in the world today.Metal Stamping & Stamping Die is the most commonly used manufacturing process for manufacturing sheet or thin parts. It refers to the method that relies on presses and dies to apply external force to plates, strips, pipes and profiles to cause plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece (Punching).. Sheet materials, molds and equipment are the three elements of stamping. This method is really cost effective and it’s suitable for the mass production of complex shape parts. There are mainly six method: cnc bending,deep drawing,pull,spinning,bulging,flanging,precision stamping and high speed stamping. Stamping also has the highest variety of materials, colors, and configurations when compared to die casting or even plastic injection.

China Top Metal Stamping Supplier & Manufacturer – BE-CU offers worldwide clients affordable, rapid, high precision custom Stamping Services, variety of materials available to meet the needs of different industries!
Precision Terminal Metal Stamping Mold In

The mold used for stamping is called stamping die, or die for short. The die is a special tool for batch stamping of materials (metal or non-metal) into the required stamping parts. die manufacturing are very important in stamping. Without stamping die that meets the requirements, mass stamping production will be difficult; without advanced stamping dies, advanced stamping processes cannot be realized.

In the world’s steel usage amount, 60 to 70% are plates, most of which are stamped into finished products. The automotive body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator fins, boiler drums, container shells, motors and electrical appliances are all stamped and processed. There are also a large number of stamping parts in products such as instruments, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, and living utensils.

Be-cu is one of the best mold makers in China, offering metal stamping solutions for every industry, including automotive stamping, electrical stamping,medical stamping and more. In order to meet our clients’ large demand for metal parts, we cooperate with reliable partners to offer metal stamping and tooling & nold making service, which can make up for your one-stop requirements for sheet prototype and mass production. Our main services offering include deep drawing, high speed stamping & precision stamping, as well as with CNC machining. With more than 20 years of experience, we are able to produce custom affordable metal stamping parts,deep drawing parts and precision stamping parts according to customers’ specifications, drawings or samples. We own advanced techniques, highly skilled staff that employ superior tooling and high speed punching processes to ensure that the mold parts are of the cheapest price and highest quality. Contact our expert team and get a price for your tooling/mold making service, we will quote you a metal stamping mold and parts price in 24 hours!

Whether you need rapid tooling, mass production mold making with tight tolerances, our team of experienced specialists can offer a cost-effective solution at each stage.
Metal Stamping Parts In BE-CU.COM
All our dies and tools are engineered and built in-house, using our state-of-the-art EDM and CNC machines. Creating our own die and tool sets allows us to maintain tight tolerances of up to 0.0005″ throughout the entire metal stamping process.

Why Choose BE-CU Stamping Mold Making Services

  • High production capability and competitive prices for stamping service are offered.
  • We have rich metal stamping manufacturing experiences for over 20 years and earned a good reputation.
  • Multiple of stamping mold designs & types – 3D printed stamping mold & deep drawing mold (work in with CNC machining service) are available to meet custom needs.
  • Do precision metal stamping parts manufacturing according to your drawings or samples.
  • 700T Mechanical Press | Press bolster size: 35001500mm | Shut Height: 900mm | Coil feeder size: W600mmT4mm.
  • Finish the parts with service of mold making in time to provide the strongest support for your R&D projects.
  • Our automated quoting, design analysis, and manufacturing process allows us to ship stamping orders in as fast as 1 day.
  • CMM machine | Brand: CAISI | Table Size: 1000800600mm | Software:PC-DMIS | Hardnessss machine | Spec.: 20-70HRC
  • Accurate CAE analysis helps to improve parts quality and optimize tooling process. Concurrent engineering, product design review, and early involvement can help shorten the project lead-time.
  • We have the most experienced engineers and tooling partners that will really make a difference in your lead times, costs and final quality.
  • Be-cu has 8 designers with engineering capability for simulation, strip layout and die design. Our engineers and tools experts help prior to the development with technical advice in order to minimize problems during the subsequent production process.Can make up for your one-stop needs for plastic proofing and mass production

Metal Stamping Operations

  • Blanking
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Coining
  • Drawing
  • Embossing
  • Piercing
  • Curling

Our team of assemblers specialize in mechanical and electrical assembly of components. We are experienced with a large variety of assembly from simple one or two part additions to complete complex cabinets and assemblies.

Two/three-dimensional stamping automatic loading and unloading manipulator stamping automation equipment

China Advanced Precision Metal Stamping Parts Supplier

BE-CU Prototype is China based manufacturer offering stamping die manufacturing and forming services. Our plant specializes in Stamped Metal parts, post-processing services and plating or painting. We press a comprehensive range of standard and complex custom shapes and some very challenging designs. With number of processes under one roof we manufacture all sort of products and offer assembly services.

Welcome to send your inquiry or custom designs of metal stamping parts to be made, we’ll send you a free quote within 24 hours in working days and work out a schedule for recording the progress.

Automotive Cold Stamping Machine In Be-cu

Metal Stamping Material

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Galvanized

Our Outstanding Metal Stamping Equipment

  • Connecting Rod Metal Stamping Machine
  • Automotive Cold Stamping Machine
  • 3D Automatic Stamping Equipment
  • 40-700T Metal Stamping Machine
  • EDM Wire Cuuter
  • Explorer CMM, Stroke 1200*1000*800
  • Caisi CMM, Stroke 1000*800*600
  • Cnc Machining Center
  • Check Out BE-CU Equipment List

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