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Manufacturing services for electronics and electronic device manufacturing equipment component and parts. We employ precision electronic laser cutting, electronic CNC machining & electronic stamping and electronic sheet metal fabrication techniques to manufacture mass productions of electronic components. Aluminum, beryllium, brass, copper, Hastelloy®, Invar®, Inconel®, Monel®, nickel, niobium, rhenium, tantalum, titanium alloys, zirconium, stainless steel and other materials worked. Capabilities include machining, laser cutting, welding, milling, swaging, gun drilling, metal fabricating and prototyping.Contact us for more precision electronics manufacturing information!

Metal Etched Hydrogen Fuel Cell Metal Bipolar Plates

Hydrogen fuel cells are an essential component in the shift towards sustainable energy sources, and metal etched bipolar plates play a critical role ...

Precise Etching Stainless Steel 316 High-Speed Hair Dryer Networks

Etching, the process of selectively removing material from the surface of Stainless Steel 316, is pivotal in the fabrication of high-speed hair dryer ...

Etched VC Uniform Temperature Cooling Plate

VC (Variable Conductance) uniform temperature cooling plates represent a significant advancement in temperature control technology for metal etching

Etching LED EMC Packaging Bracket

The LED packaging bracket is a highly integrated frame form, encapsulated under molding equipment using new epoxy materials and etching techniques.

Planar Etched Molybdenum Alloy Micro-Air Mesh

Our Planar etching service refers to a process where material is removed uniformly from a flat surface, creating precise patterns or structures.

Chemical Etching Stainless Steel 316 Bipolar Flow Plates

Within this landscape, the process of etching stainless steel 316 bipolar flow plates stands as a testament to the fusion of art and science.

Etching Low Resistivity Copper 110 Contact Rings

Etching low resistivity copper 110 contact rings is a testament to the marriage of art and science in electronic engineering.

Precision Machining 6063 Aluminum Military Computer Server Chassis

Ensure compatibility with standard server components.Utilize Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining for precise and repeatable cuts.

4 Axis CNC Machining Titanium Grade 5 Mobile Phone Buttons

At, we don’t merely operate machinery; we craft precision. With a remarkable tolerance level of up to +/- 0.0002 in. (±0.005mm), we work on ...

Precision Turning 20° Acrylic Downlight Reflector

Be-Cu Prototype using precision turning machinery such as lathes or CNC machines to cut, shape, and refine the acrylic material according to the ...

4 Axis Machining Highly Transparent Acrylic LED Tunnel Light Lens

Creating highly transparent acrylic LED tunnel light lenses using 4-axis machining involves using a CNC machine equipped to precisely cut and shape ...

CNC Turn-Mill Machining Hastelloy c276 Parts

Be-Cu prototype inc choose tools specifically designed for machining superalloys like Hastelloy C276.Contact us!

Precision CNC Machining Inconel 718 Cast Impeller

Precision CNC machining of Inconel 718 cast impellers demands expertise, proper equipment, and careful planning to achieve the desired results.

Laser Cutting PC Anti-Static Membrane Switch

Laser cutting anti-static PC (polycarbonate) material for a membrane switch involves several considerations to ensure precision and functionality.We ...

Precision Engraving Special-Shaped Natural Color PEEK Parts

Precision engraving special-shaped natural color PEEK parts involves the creation of intricate designs or markings on PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) ...

Sheet Metal Fabrication Galvanized Spiral Air Duct

Galvanized spiral air ducts are a specific product typically used in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.

PCS Fan Ductwork Sheet Metal Housing

Fan ductwork, also known as air ducts or shrouds, is a part of a computer's cooling system. It is used to direct and manage the flow of air created ...

CNC Turning-Milling Machining Copper Facial Massage Roller

A facial massage roller is a beauty tool designed to help improve the health and appearance of your skin through facial massage

Swiss Turning Stainless Steel 17-4 PH Positioning Bushing

A stainless steel 17-4 PH positioning bushing is a mechanical component typically used in various industrial applications, especially in the ...

Screw CNC Machining Non-Standard Mandrel Tube Shaft

A mandrel tube shaft, often referred to as a mandrel or mandrel bar, is a cylindrical tool or device used in various manufacturing processes, ...

Precision Fabrication Green Energy EV Charging Station Cabinet

Highly qualified engineering and welding staff support us in rigorous production and processes. We can do all types of EV charging station cabinet ...

Turn-Mill Machining Electronic Connector Components

To meet the exacting requirements of connector manufacturing, the industry has turned to advanced manufacturing techniques such as turn-mill ...

Brass Turning Welding Machine Plug

A welding machine plug is a specialized electrical connector designed for use with welding equipment. Welding machines require a significant amount ...

Zinc Die Casting PA10 Transformer Connector Terminal

High and low pressure Zinc Die Casting services for PA10 Transformer Connector Terminal. Contact us for your new project or email us!

Precision Turning Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) ABS Parts

ESD ABS contains additives that help dissipate static electricity, making it suitable for applications where electrostatic discharge could damage ...

Custom CNC Turning UV-resistant ABS Parts

UV-resistant ABS contains additives that protect the material from degradation caused by exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. This grade ...

Tungsten Carbide 3D Printer Nozzle

At, we're thrilled to present our state-of-the-art CNC Machining Service for Tungsten Carbide 3D Printer Nozzles.

Sintering YG6 Tungsten Alloy Non-Slip Thread Screw

There are standard YG6 Tungsten thread screw, large thread cleats, racing thread cleats and other complete series of perforated tire thread cleats. ...

YG15 Tungsten Cobalt Cemented Carbide Parts

YG15 is a kind of tungsten steel, specifically belongs to the tungsten carbide hard alloy, without heat treatment, the inner and outer hardness are ...

CNC Machining Cast Iron Explosion Proof Junction Base

Explosion-proof junction bases are designed to contain and prevent the spread of explosions or sparks in hazardous environments where flammable ...