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Precision Machining 6063 Aluminum Military Computer Server Chassis

Ensure compatibility with standard server components.Utilize Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining for precise and repeatable cuts.

CNC 6063 Aluminum Automotive Motor End Cover

The end cover of a motor or engine is a protective or enclosing part that is positioned at one end of the motor.

6061 Aluminum Alloy 3D Printing Black Dusting Parts

Using 6061 aluminum alloy for 3D printing parts involves various methods, such as selective laser melting (SLM) or direct metal laser sintering ...

PCS Fan Ductwork Sheet Metal Housing

Fan ductwork, also known as air ducts or shrouds, is a part of a computer's cooling system. It is used to direct and manage the flow of air created ...

CNC Machining Gas Stove Bottom Joint

Gas Stove Bottom Joint Machining and casting services. Capabilities include CNC turning and milling. Materials handled include aluminum, brass, ...

Gravity Die Casting Custom Street Light Heat Sink

Gravity die casting is a popular method for manufacturing custom street light heat sinks, especially when you need high-quality, precise, and ...

Die Casting LED Canopy Lights Heatsink For Gas Station

Heatsinks for LED canopy lights are typically made from aluminum or other materials with good thermal conductivity. Aluminum is a common choice due ...

CNC Turning 6063 Bicycle Tightening Disc

In the context of bicycles, there are various components and parts that involve tightening or securing, such as quick-release skewers for wheels, ...

Precision CNC Machining Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Motor Base

The UAV motor base typically refers to the part of the drone where the motors and propellers are attached.

Metal CNC Machining Motor Front And Rear Covers

Motor front and rear covers refer to the protective enclosures or casings that are typically used in various types of electric motors, such as those ...

Sheet Metal Fabrication Aluminum 5052 Medical Box For Fire Fighting

In this case, you are looking to fabricate a medical box for fire fighting using aluminum 5052, which is a common alloy known for its excellent ...

3-Way Centrifugal Compressor Closed Impeller By 5 Axis Machining

Manufacturing the 3-way centrifugal compressor closed impeller using 5-axis machining is a highly advanced and precise process.

CNC Machining For Camera L Bracket

Camera L brackets are essential accessories for photographers and videographers, allowing them to mount their cameras in both landscape and portrait ...

Welding CNC Machining 5M Drum For Centrifugal Fan

This process involves cutting, drilling, milling, and other operations to achieve the required shape and features.fabricating a large 5-meter drum ...

Large Machining Micro-Automation Robots Joint

At Be-Cu large machining shop, we pride ourselves on delivering quality Micro-Automation Robots Joint parts tailored to the needs of our clients. ...

CNC Machining 6061-T1 Electromagnetic Clutch Parts

An electromagnetic clutch is a device that uses the magnetic force generated by an electromagnet to engage or disengage power transmission between ...

Precision Machining 6061-T1 Automobile Motor Prototype

Be-Cu offers numerous ways to achieve the surface quality and performance levels that you need for 6061-T1 Automobile Motor Prototype.

3D Printing Aluminum Automotive Engine

Be-Cu prototype offers Aluminum Automotive Engine 3d printing, including concept design, prototype, product testing, and final production.

SLM 3D Printing Aluminum Scooter Accessories

With SLM 3D printing, it is possible to manufacture aluminum scooter accessories with intricate designs and complex geometries that may be difficult ...

Precision Machining Security Door Lock Guard Housing

Security door lock guard housing is a protective enclosure or casing designed to enhance the security of a door lock mechanism.

Custom Electron Optical Instrument Sight Bracket

Electron optical instrument sight bracket, also known as an electron sight bracket or simply a sight bracket, is a component used in electron optical ...

Customized Optical Instrument Projector Components By 4 Axis Mill

Optical instrument projector components refer to the various elements that are utilized in the construction and functioning of an optical projector.

Precision Milling Astronomical Telescope Wide-angle Lens Eyepiece Element

As Astronomical Telescope Wide-angle Lens Eyepiece Element CNC machining China service supplier, BE-CU prototype provides high-quality rapid ...

Sheet Metal Fabrication POS Machine Box Shell

Be-cu prototype offering precision sheet metal fabrication services for POS Machine Box Shell.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industrial Computer Bottom Cover

Be-cu prototype offering precision fabrication services for aluminum industrial computer bottom cover.

Aluminum 3D Printed Dragon Head Chinese Style Man’s Ring

By combining the versatility of 3D printing technology with the cultural significance of a Chinese-style dragon head motif, aluminum 3D-printed ...

Aluminum 3D Printing New Energy Vehicle Charging Gun Cavity

An aluminum 3D-printed new energy vehicle charging gun cavity refers to a specific component produced through additive manufacturing using aluminum ...

Sheet Metal Manufacturing 10.1 Inch Hardware Monitor Enclosure

Custom precision metal fabrication services for 10.1 Inch Hardware Monitor Enclosure.

32-Inch Medical Sheet Metal All-In-One Machine Cabinet

Precision fabrication services for Medical All-In-One Machine Cabinet industries. Works with aluminum materials

Precision Fabrication Wall Mount Gaming Computer Case Chassis

Custom precision sheet metal fabrication for Wall Mount Gaming Computer Case Chassis. Materials used include aluminum alloys.