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One Of The Best Rapid Prototyping Companies From China

Be-Cu Is A Fabrication Company With Long History(Since 1995).In 2019, Famer established a wholly-owned subsidiary Be-Cu Prototype to radically improve and satisfy the demands of global customers for the production of prototypes and tools from China.

On 30.000 sq.meter workshop space with employing over 200 skillful engineers and workers, we make over 5000000 piece high quality non-stanard spare parts a year to our customers all over the world. The ability to produce parts in China is in advanced level, strong engineering, high design capability and good communication skills.Short lead time, competitive pricing and long-term partnerships continues to be the success factors of BE-CU.

What Does Be-Cu Do?

Are You Searching For High-Quality Fabrication Service Made Of Custom Metal Parts Or Plastic Parts From China?

BE-CU is committed to providing top quality rapid prototyping ,volumme fabrication and micro manufacturing service, including: CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing,metal spinning,precision metal etching,metal casting(die casting/investment casting/sand casting) ,wire cutting,femto second laser cutting, rapid tooling&injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, plastic and aluminum extrusion.Be-cu And Cooperative Supplier provide high quality manufacturing solutions that can have your design finished in a matter of hours. This gives you the opportunity to rigorously test your product, and make all the needed changes to perfect your design before it goes into full-scale production.

What Can You Expect From BE-CU?

Our manufacturing process also ensures that each and every one of our customers receives a comprehensive solution for any need they may have. This includes complex and precision parts, like optical parts,custom jewelry manufacturing, automotive parts, medical devices or aerospace parts.No matter how complicated your project may be, we can produce what you need.We deliver not only attractive prices, excellent service, and professional communication. Besides this our full-time support help you to achieve your goals.

  • RELIABLE SERVICE: Saving money through our Prototype To Volume manufacturing process,48-hour offers, dedicated service managers, and on-time deliveries are all reasons why you can depend on us for reliable service.
  • EXCEPTIONAL VALUE: Our short lead times (and a higher success rate) and competent service ensure that our customers receive an exceptional value in BE-CU.
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: BE-CU works hard to ensure that you get high quality parts and tools. With the very best equipment and knowledge, you can trust that every project we deliver has been carefully crafted and inspected.
  • ISO 9001:2015 And ITAF 16949 Certified Prototype Companies,supplying you with a comprehensive option for bridge production
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BE-CU has more than decades of experience in CNC manufacturing services in China and can offer one-stop service (CNC machining parts & other fabrication prototype & volume manufacturing) for our OEM customers. All processes are carried out through hundreds of advanced CNC Machining machines,stamping machine, lathes,die casting machine,laser cutter,3d printer and other manufacturing facilities, ranging from blasters to Ultra Sonic washing machines. And we can quickly get measurement results from our Zeiss coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

  • – Simplified production process
  • – Lower labor cost with higher automation
  • – High and specific precision, accuracy, tolerance, dimensions can be achieved.
  • – Rapid prototyping for medium to high volume output