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Metal Casting Parts

Precision CNC Machining Inconel 718 Cast Impeller

Precision CNC machining of Inconel 718 cast impellers demands expertise, proper equipment, and careful planning to achieve the desired results.

Tin Bronze Cast Valve Body And Bonnet

Tin bronze is often used in various applications, including the manufacturing of valve bodies and bonnets, which are important components in many ...

Casting Silver Rings

Investment casting is a popular method for making silver rings because it allows for intricate and detailed designs that might be challenging to ...

Investment Cast 925 Silver Moon Earrings

When it comes to 925 silver moon earrings, investment casting can be used to produce highly detailed and delicate designs.

CNC Machining Gas Stove Bottom Joint

Gas Stove Bottom Joint Machining and casting services. Capabilities include CNC turning and milling. Materials handled include aluminum, brass, ...

Gravity Die Casting Custom Street Light Heat Sink

Gravity die casting is a popular method for manufacturing custom street light heat sinks, especially when you need high-quality, precise, and ...

Die Casting LED Canopy Lights Heatsink For Gas Station

Heatsinks for LED canopy lights are typically made from aluminum or other materials with good thermal conductivity. Aluminum is a common choice due ...

Zinc Die Casting PA10 Transformer Connector Terminal

High and low pressure Zinc Die Casting services for PA10 Transformer Connector Terminal. Contact us for your new project or email us!

Ductile Cast Iron Large Gantry Machine Tool Bed Castings

Among the key components that underpin the performance of machining operations is the machine tool bed casting, particularly in large gantry-style ...

Malleable Cast Iron Agricultural Machinery Support Seat

Creating a malleable cast iron agricultural machinery support seat involves several steps in the casting and machining process.

CNC Machining Cast Iron Explosion Proof Junction Base

Explosion-proof junction bases are designed to contain and prevent the spread of explosions or sparks in hazardous environments where flammable ...

CNC Machining Large V-belt Pulleys

CNC machining is commonly used to manufacture V-belt pulleys, including large ones. V-belt pulleys are widely used in various power transmission ...

Investment Casting For TC4 Golf Putter Head

Investment casting is an ideal method for producing intricate parts like a TC4 golf putter head.

Lost Wax Casting Stainless Steel 431 Golf Head

Stainless steel 431 often used in applications requiring good corrosion resistance and high strength, making it a suitable choice for golf club ...

Stainless Steel Investment Casting Craft Ornament Decoration Gift

Custom manufacturer of precision castings made from Craft Ornament Decoration Gift. Dry, oil and green sand, sand, foam and wax are used in casting ...

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