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SLA 3D Printing Parts

3D Scan And SLA Printing Money Tree Ornaments

Money tree ornaments can refer to decorative items or decorations used in the context of a "money tree" or "wishing tree" tradition.

3D Printed Octopus

Our state-of-the-art octopus 3D printing technology allows us to create intricately designed octopus model with impeccable detail, vibrant colors, ...

SLA 3D Printing ABS Plastic Flower Bud

With ISO 9001 certified, Be-Cu prototype can provide custom services for any crafts. If you need manufacturing ABS Plastic Flower Bud, and seeking ...

3D Printing Simulation Toy Car

Our online Simulation Toy Car 3D printing service enables you to 3D print your custom Toy Car on demand.

SLA 3D Printing Black Panther Trophy By Spray Paint

A Black Panther trophy, in this context, refers to a 3D printed model or replica of the Black Panther character from Marvel Comics and the ...

SLA 3D Printing ABS Simulation Rattlesnake Car Jewelry

Simulation Rattlesnake Car Jewelry 3D Printing services for ABS Plastic. Capable of handling parts up to 5 in. L x 2 in. W x 2 in. H dimensions and ...

SLA 3D Printing ABS Chinese Dragon Arthrosis Jewelry

SLA 3D printing additive manufacturing services for ABS Chinese Dragon Arthrosis Jewelry

3D Printing Continuous Fibres

Continuous fibres are bundles of carbon fibres with a thermoplastic coating that can be laid into conventional FFF parts using a method known as ...

3D Printing Short Fibre Filled Wires

Conventional FusedFilament Fabrication (FFF) polymers can be blended with short carbon fibres (usually on the order of 100 microns in length) and ...

SLA Printing ABS Car dashboard

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) Car dashboard services available in-house working with ABS material.Large run production volume is available. ...

3D Printing Zirconia Ceramic Extrusion Screw Parts

SLA Additive manufacturing (3D printing) services for 3D Printing Zirconia Ceramic Extrusion Screw Parts.

Rapid Silica Gel Vacuum Reverse Mould For Medical Products

ISO 9001:2015 certified Rapid Silica Gel Vacuum Reverse Mould services for medical products. Materials handled include polystyrene and polycarbonate. ...

SLA 3D Printing PP Prototype Parts

Form study, functional, large scale, proof of principal and visual rapid prototyping services. SLA 3D Printing Works with PP Material.

3D Printing Nylon Prototype Parts With Painted Surface

Surface Painted And 3D Printing services for Nylon materials. Contact us for your nylon 3d printing projects!

Small Batch 3D Printing Soft Rubber Watch Band

Small Batch Additive manufacturing (3D printing) services for Soft Rubber Watch Band. Stereolithography (SLA) and rapid prototyping services are also ...

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