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CNC Turn-Mill Machining Hastelloy c276 Parts

Be-Cu prototype inc choose tools specifically designed for machining superalloys like Hastelloy C276.Contact us!

Precision CNC Machining Inconel 718 Cast Impeller

Precision CNC machining of Inconel 718 cast impellers demands expertise, proper equipment, and careful planning to achieve the desired results.

Micro CNC Machining Kovar 4J29 Medical Implant

Micro CNC machining of Kovar 4J29 for medical implants requires precision and expertise due to the material's properties and the critical nature of ...

Turn-Mill Cnc Machining Kovar 4j29 Parts

4J29 alloy is also known as Kovar alloy. The alloy has a linear expansion coefficient similar to that of borosilicate hard glass at 20-450°C, a ...