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Low Pressure Casting

Competitive casting method when the production quantity is relatively small or when heat treatment is needed to improve the mechanical properties.This casting method has good feeding and compact structure of the casting, and it is easy to cast large and thin-walled and complex castings without a riser, and the metal yield is 95%.

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What Is Low Pressure Casting

Low pressure casting means that the mold is generally placed above a sealed crucible, and compressed air is introduced into the crucible to cause a low pressure (0.06~0.15MPa) on the surface of the molten metal, so that the molten metal rises from the riser pipe to fill the mold and control Solidified casting method. This casting method has good feeding and compact structure. It is easy to cast large and thin-walled complex castings without risers, and the metal recovery rate can reach 95%. No pollution, easy to realize automation. However, the equipment cost is high and the production efficiency is low. Generally used for casting non-ferrous alloys.

Low-pressure casting is a casting method in which liquid alloy is pressed into the mold cavity from bottom to top under pressure, and solidified under pressure to obtain castings. The sealed crucible is filled with dry compressed air or inert gas. With the help of the pressure acting on the molten metal surface, the molten metal fills the mold smoothly along the riser pipe from bottom to top through the runner. The filling pressure is generally 20~60kPa. When the casting is completely solidified, the gas pressure on the liquid surface is released, so that the non-solidified molten metal in the riser pipe and the runner flows into the crucible by its own weight, then the mold is opened and the casting is taken out.

Low-Pressure Die-Casting Services – Custom Low Pressure Casting Parts Manufacturer In China

We have extensive experience in low-pressure die-casting. Even the most challenging parts can be manufactured at our plants by using sand cores in low pressure die casting.BE-CU utilizes proprietary vacuum riserless and pressure riserless (VRC/PRC) low pressure and squeeze casting processes that offer precise, state-of-the-art aluminum casting. In addition, our engineers have the ability to rapidly manufacture complex metal molds for your specific requirements in-house through proven technologies and traditional craftsmanship. The use of innovative permanent and semi-permanent mold design, coupled with our peerless casting processes, assures that we produce the lightest aluminum castings at the highest quality possible.

For many of our clients, low-pressure die-casting is an excellent step towards bigger volumes. The cost of creating the mould is lower than in high pressure die- asting, and yet the method is well suited for moderate mass production.

Different Types Production Scenario Of  Low Pressure Casting

Be-cu always adheres to the customer’s requirements and the company’s service standards. In any link of mold design, mold assembly, mold debugging, mold trial production, casting process, etc., there are dedicated engineers to keep you on the phone;

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The Advantage Of Low Pressure Casting

If you need intricate components fabricated by a reliable Low Pressure Casting parts manufacturer, you can trust with metal casting services offered at Be-cu, which is a China top low pressure casting company that is specialized in oem parts services and precision hardware production for decades of years, and have the capability to provide rapid die casting services with the latest casting and machining technology for the manufacturing needs of various industries all over the world.

  • Outstanding delivery performance
  • Proprietary VRC/PRC casting technology
  • In-house production and prototype tool build capabilities
  • Prototype development on production intent equipment
  • In-house x-ray, heat treatment (CQI9), and liquid penetrant
  • Elite workforce development through on-site training
  • Incorporating best-in-class operations and personnel management systems
  • High speed and reliability ensures a quick turnaround, improved productivity will shorten the production cycle.
  • Premium quality and high-grade material, careful operation, and strict inspection throughout the whole machining process, as well as quality tests for the product.
Undertake processing of low-pressure aluminum castings–gearbox housing