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Cnc Drilling Carbon Fiber Service In China

As one professional Cnc Drilling services manufacturers in China, BE-CU can machine all kinds of low cost carbon fiber materials parts. One of the most popular engineering material – carbon fiber CNC Drilling part will not be ignored. Be-cu customizes precision CNC carbon fiber parts according to customer specifications, samples or drawings. Our CNC Drilling carbon fiber precision parts can undertake surface spraying, electroplating, metal welding, hot pressing and adhesion, widely used in machinery, automobile, electronic appliances, instruments and meters, textile and construction industries. Our technicians have me many years experience and knowledge in cnc Drilling exceptional quality carbon fiber precision parts.

Carbon fiber components need to be drilled before the components are bolted or riveted. Problems in the process of carbon fiber drilling include: material layer separation, tool wear, and the machining quality of the inner surface of the hole. After testing, it can be known that the cutting parameters, the shape of the drill bit, and the cutting force all affect the delamination phenomenon and the surface quality of the product.The ratio of the maximum diameter to the hole diameter of the damaged area of ​​the carbon fiber workpiece can be used to analyze the delamination phenomenon. The larger the delamination factor, the more serious the delamination phenomenon is. In addition, it can be known from the experiment that the cutting thrust is related to the delamination factor, and the cutting thrust can be used to represent the degree of delamination. For the same drilling material, the effect of cutting speed on the cutting force is not large, and it can be seen from this that reducing the feed speed at the outlet can reduce the delamination factor.

It can be seen from the research that under the same cutting parameters, compared with twist drills, the parameters have less influence on the delamination of composite special drills; for drills with special geometric features, a larger feed rate and drill diameter can reduce the delamination. , and the drilling cutting force with different diameter ratios increases with the decrease of the diameter ratio, and increases with the increase of the feed rate.

The Advantage Of Cnc Drilling Carbon Fiber

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  • CNC Mill Turn Centers—12 machines
  • Multi Spindle Cam Automatics
  • CNC Brother Production Milling
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