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Sheet Metal Stamping Process Improvement

1 Process analysis of stamping parts


This part is a typical part on a filter. The structure of the parts is relatively complex, all the dimensions are in line with the cold stamping process, there is no special requirement for the thickness change of the parts, and the total height can be guaranteed by the mold. Baosteel’s electro-galvanized sheet DX2-0.5 is used in the production of this product.

Sheet metal stamping process improvement

2 Improvement of the process plan


The original process steps: blanking stretching, secondary stretching, forming, trimming and flanging, punching, and turning. Now the process is improved, and the process can be completed by adopting process I blanking and stretching, and process II forming. The key point of improvement is that after stretching and forming, when stretched to a certain height, punch holes, and then feed materials from the inside of the holes, so as to improve the utilization rate of materials; simplify the original cumbersome process and obviously improve the production efficiency. Through the improvement of the processing technology, the utilization rate of materials and production efficiency are improved, the processing cycle is reduced, and the cost is saved.

3 Part process calculation


Process I: blanking and stretching, punching when the stretched height reaches a certain height, and then continue to stretch to feed from the punching position of the boss, the outer edge diameter remains unchanged, until the stretching reaches the process height;

Process II: Forming and processing to the requirements of the drawings. The focus of the improvement is that when stretching to a certain height, punch holes, and then feed materials from the inside of the holes to improve the utilization rate of materials; simplify the original cumbersome process and significantly improve the production efficiency. This time, the backward calculation method is adopted.

(1) According to the principle that the surface area of ​​the neutral layer of the material remains unchanged, first calculate the surface area S5 of the neutral layer of the part after the completion of process II:


Sheet metal stamping process improvement

The process II is decomposed into three actions to express:

1) Surface area S4 before flipping

Sheet metal stamping process improvement

2) Surface area S3 before molding


Sheet metal stamping process improvement


3) Surface area S2 before flanging


Sheet metal stamping process improvement

(2) Calculate the surface integral of process I with two actions, first stretch the height to 11, punch Φ18 and then the surface area S1, then feed from the inside of the punching hole, the diameter of the outer flange does not change, continue to stretch to the required height surface area S2, the process I is completed.


Sheet metal stamping process improvement

After actual verification, the stretching height of 11 is feasible, and the theoretical maximum stretching height is about 6.5~7; after punching Φ18, the material is fed from the inside to Φ29.3, and the material will not crack. The blanking is calculated as Φ115.5.

(3) From process I to process II, the surface area is gradually reduced to ensure that there is enough material in each step, the parts will not be damaged, and the galvanized layer will not fall off; in actual production, it is helpful for the upper and lower processes. The connection can avoid the occurrence of tensile fatigue, wrinkles and other manufacturing defects.


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