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Cnc Machining Tool Steel : Enhancing Precision and Performance

CNC machining has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, offering precise and efficient solutions for a wide range of materials.CNC machining of tool steel refers to the process of using computer numerical control (CNC) machines to shape, cut, and finish tool steel components. One such material that plays a critical role in tooling and machinery is tool steel. Tool steel is renowned for its exceptional hardness, toughness, and wear resistance, making it ideal for various applications, CNC machining provides precise and efficient control over the machining process, allowing for the production of complex geometries and high-precision components. Whether it’s producing molds, dies, or high-performance cutting tools, CNC machining of tool steel offers the accuracy and reliability needed for demanding applications.

Cnc Machining Tool Steel

The Composition Of Tool Steel

  • Carbon (C):0.7% to 1.5%
  • Tungsten (W):1% to 20%.
  • Chromium (Cr):3% to 12%.
  • Vanadium (V):0.5% to 5%.
  • Molybdenum (Mo):0.3% to 10%.
  • Cobalt (Co):1% to 30%.
  • Nickel (Ni):0.5% to 4%.
  • Manganese (Mn):0.2% to 2%.

At Be-Cu,our manufacturing team has mastered the technical challenges of machining large tool steel components to produce an uninterrupted reliable parts supply for our customers,to meet the client’s requirements with advanced technology.

While working with us, you don’t have to worry about the precision, accuracy, or quality of the products. You will get the best with Be-Cu.

Cnc Machining Tool Steel Services

Tool steel machining is widely utilized in industries such as aerospace, automotive, tool and die making, mold making, and many others. The benefits of tool steel machining, including hardness, dimensional accuracy, versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, make it an indispensable process for producing high-quality components that meet the demands of challenging applications.

At, we have dedicated experts that can handle all of your Tool Steel CNC machining services. We can assure the precision, quality, and affordability of your project components. Specifically, we handle CNC tool steel milling, turning, grinding,heat treatment,surface treatment, EDM, and wire EDM.

H-13Annealed/heat treatedcastings, forgings, bar stock
A-2Annealed/heat treatedcastings, forgings, bar stock
D-2/ D-3/ D-5Annealed/heat treatedcastings, forgings, bar stock
Rex 76/ M2/ M4Annealed/heat treatedcastings, forgings, bar stock
S-5/S-7Annealed/heat treatedcastings, forgings, bar stock

Tool Steel Machining Experts

Customers turn to Be-Cu for three important advantages that maximize adherence to tight tolerances while keeping tool steel machining costs fully under control.

  • The exceptional precision of Be-Cu equipment, including DMU 5 Axis Machine,CNC Swiss machines, multi spindle cam automatics and CNC turning centers, interfaced with an Fanuc CAD/CAM system for precise conformity to the most elaborate geometries (equipment list)
  • An in-house tool making facility that allows greater customization of tooling to the tool steel in use
  • The eyes and hands of experienced machining craftsmen, who are skilled at spotting potential problem before they find their way into a production run
Tool Steel Machining Experts

You can contact us by requesting a quote for any Tool Steel manufacturing process. One of our project managers will review your application and get a quote and DFM feedback for you within 12 business hours.

Cnc Machining Tool Steel

Why Choose Our Tool Steel Cnc Machining Service?

  • Save time and money for your Steel project but quality guaranteed.
  • High productivity, outstanding efficiency and high accuracy
  • A wide range of steel grades and alloy materials can be machined
  • Custom complex steel cnc machined parts and components at specific tolerances
  • High speed machining for prototyping and low to high volume production runs

Certifications & Quality Machining

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Fully compliant with the exacting requirements of our customers
  • Compliance in DFARS materials sourcing requirements
  • Strict compliance with PPAP and Process
  • FMEA for automotive customers
  • Skilled in KanBan and CMM Inspection and inventory management systems
  • ITAF 16949 certified
Cnc Machining Tool Steel

Tool Steel CNC Machined Parts

Overview Of Tool Steel – What Is Tool Steel

Tool steel is a type of specialty steel that is specifically designed for the production of tools, dies, and other cutting or shaping instruments. It is renowned for its exceptional hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. Tool steel’s hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and heat resistance are achieved through specific alloying elements and heat treatment processes,Its unique properties make it well-suited for the production of tool and die making, mold making, machining, and various industries where high-performance cutting tools are required.

Cnc Machining Tool Steel

Advantages of CNC Tool Steel Machining

  • High Precision
  • Improved surface finish and dimensional tolerances
  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Ability to produce complex geometries
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness in large-scale production

The Applications Of CNC Machining Tool Steel

CNC machining of tool steel finds extensive applications in various industries where high-performance, precise, and durable components are required. Here are some common applications of CNC machining tool steel:


Cutting Tools

CNC machining tool steel is widely used in the production of cutting tools such as drills, end mills, taps, reamers, and inserts. Tool steel’s exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and toughness make it suitable for machining operations that involve high-speed cutting, metal removal, and shaping. These cutting tools are utilized in industries like aerospace, automotive, construction, and general manufacturing.

Dies and Molds


Forming Tools

Forming tools, including punches, dies, press tools, and bending tools, are frequently machined from tool steel. The hardness and toughness of tool steel enable these components to withstand the high forces, impacts, and wear encountered during forming operations. CNC machining ensures precise dimensions and surface finishes for optimal performance and longevity.

Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are critical components used in manufacturing processes for guiding, holding, and supporting workpieces during machining operations. CNC machining tool steel allows for the production of jigs and fixtures with precise dimensions, tight tolerances, and durable construction. These tool steel components facilitate accurate and repeatable production processes, improving efficiency and ensuring consistency in part production.

Wear Components

CNC machining tool steel is employed in the production of wear components that are subjected to abrasive or erosive conditions. Examples include wear plates, wear strips, guide rails, and wear-resistant inserts. Tool steel’s wear resistance and hardness make it suitable for applications involving sliding, rubbing, or impact wear, such as in mining, construction equipment, and industrial machinery.

Tooling for Woodworking and Plastics

Tool steel is utilized in the production of tooling for woodworking and plastics processing. CNC machining allows for the creation of precision cutting tools, knives, router bits, and blades used in shaping, profiling, and carving wood or machining plastic materials. The hardness, wear resistance, and sharpness of tool steel enable efficient and precise material removal in these applications.

CNC machining tool steel is also employed in the production of various specialty components. These include precision shafts, gears, bearings, valve components, surgical instruments, and firearm parts. The high strength, hardness, and dimensional accuracy of tool steel ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity in these specialized applications.

The applications mentioned above represent just a few examples of the extensive use of CNC machining tool steel. The versatility, durability, and exceptional properties of tool steel make it a preferred material for producing high-quality components across diverse industries requiring precision, performance, and reliability.

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