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How To 3D Printing Anime Model

3D printing anime models refers to the process of using 3D printing technology to create physical three-dimensional objects that represent characters or designs from anime, which is a style of animation that originated in Japan. These models can range from small figurines of popular anime characters to larger and more intricate dioramas or sculptures.Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Model Creation

A 3D model of the desired anime character or design is created using specialized 3D modeling software. This software allows artists and designers to create a digital representation of the character with all its details and features.

File Preparation

The 3D model is then prepared for 3D printing. This involves making sure the model is properly scaled, free of errors (like holes or non-manifold geometry), and optimized for printing.


Slicing software takes the 3D model and slices it into thin layers, generating the instructions (G-code) that guide the 3D printer on how to create each layer.


The sliced model is sent to a 3D printer. Depending on the type of printer used (Fused Deposition Modeling – FDM or Stereolithography – SLA), it will either deposit layers of melted filament (FDM) or cure layers of resin with UV light (SLA) to gradually build up the physical object.


Once the printing is complete, there might be some post-processing steps:

  • Support Removal: Supports that were printed to hold up overhanging parts may need to be removed.
  • Cleaning: For resin prints, the model might need to be cleaned in isopropyl alcohol to remove uncured resin.
  • Smoothing: Some finishing techniques, like sanding, can be applied to smooth the surface of the model.
  • Painting: Many anime models are painted to achieve the desired colors and details, bringing the character to life.
  • Assembly (if needed): If the model is comprised of multiple parts, they may need to be assembled using glue or other appropriate methods.
  • Display: The finished 3D printed anime model is ready to be displayed, whether on a shelf, desk, or in a collection.

This process allows anime enthusiasts and hobbyists to bring their favorite characters or custom designs from the anime world into the physical realm. It’s worth noting that the quality of the final print depends on factors such as the skill of the model creator, the 3D printer’s capabilities, the chosen materials, and the post-processing techniques applied.

3D Printing Anime Model Service In China

With the rapid development of the animation figure market, the needs of consumers are gradually released and expanded. 3D printing technology is changing the traditional animation figure industry, which is reflected in more and more animation institutions and individual enthusiasts using 3D printing technology. Show your original creative design quickly and three-dimensionally, and realize the process of transforming from thinking ideology to solid three-dimensional model. 3D printing technology has a pivotal value to the development of the animation figure industry, which is mainly reflected in the following points-

Rapid Verification Of Creativity And Ideas

With the continuous development and progress of the animation industry, consumers’ demands for animation figures are becoming more and more demanding and critical. This is an era where products come first, and excellent animation figures can quickly capture consumption. In this situation, animation designers can use 3D printing equipment to quickly print and present the animation models they conceived and designed, realizing the transformation from thinking to reality, and at the same time achieving Product design verification.

Can Quickly Verify Market Performance

3D printing technology perfectly achieves the goal from creative conception to rapid three-dimensional molding to market verification, which can help companies quickly determine whether they can gain the favor of the market and consumers! The traditional processing process is design – proofing – sampling – mass production. Time is money. Such a lengthy processing and production process consumes too much material, financial and resources, and at the same time, it cannot ensure that the designed and developed products can capture consumers and occupy the market. , so 3D printing technology can help enterprises to effectively avoid market risks, reduce investment and save costs.

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The Advantage Of 3D Printing Anime Model

3D Printing Anime Model
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BE-CU 3d printing not only meets the needs of anime figurines fans, but also promotes the reform of the animation industry. If 3D printing technology brings us amazement in the manufacturing industry, then it brings us joy in the animation figure industry, as if it brought us back to childhood, then let these exquisite animation models accompany us. Lost youth!