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Laser Cutting Hot-Rolled Medical Equipment Reaction Tray Base Plate

Reaction Tray Base Plate

  • Product Name: Hot-Rolled Steel
  • No+Color:Custom
  • Surface Treatment: Customized
  • Product Material: Steel Plate
  • Proofing Cycle:7 days(100000 pcs/M)
  • Application:Precision Cnc Machining
  • machining Factory:Be-cu Rapid Prototyping Companies
  • Product Category: Medical
  • Production Process: Laser Cutting
  • Size: According To Customer’s Drawings
Medical | Steel

High-Quality Laser Cutting Hot-Rolled Medical Equipment Reaction Tray Base Plate

The hot-rolled sheet metal workpiece shown is a reaction tray base designed by Be-cu Prototype for the feedback module of MD’s high-end medical equipment. Be-cu Prototype fully assists medical equipment companies with cabinet R&D, product structure optimization and customized production solutions.This part has the following features:

  • 6000W laser cutting equipment cutting, smooth cut surface, high precision;
  • The surface is galvanized, beautiful and durable;
  • The thickness is 2.5mm, which is strong and heavy, and is suitable for the high requirements of medical equipment for balance;
  • Customized production, product upgrades and changes can be adjusted at any time;

Note: There are more detailed photos of the product at the bottom of the page to show the product features of this hot-rolled sheet metal part.

The Process Of Precision Laser Cutting Hot-Rolled Medical Equipment Reaction Tray Base Plate

No.ProcessProcess Description And Precautions
1Laser UnloadingThe thickness of the product reaches 2.5mm, and the laser cutting process can more effectively control the shape, quantity and quality specified by the hot-rolled sheet metal parts, which is closely related to the dimensional tolerance of the product;
2DeburringThe spines or flashes of the processed flat sheet metal parts are removed, and the burr height must be controlled below 0.2mm;
3ReamingPrepare for the subsequent tapping and punching process, and control the diameter error of the round hole;
4Tapping Teeth13 places to carry out tapping treatment to prepare for subsequent assembly;
5Surface TreatmentThe surface is plated with color zinc, and the film thickness requirement is 7~10um; The surface must not be scratched;
6CalibrationThe product is used in medical equipment, the surface plane amplitude requirements are extremely high, and the amplitude error should be controlled within 0.1mm;
8Quality InspectionComprehensively check the quality requirements such as dimensional errors and surface scratches of the processed finished products;
9PackagingThe laser-cut parts have a proprietary packaging solution designed by packaging engineers, aiming to minimize the collision deformation and surface scratches generated by the product during subsequent operation;

The Advantages Of Laser Cutting Hot-Rolled Medical Equipment Reaction Tray Base Plate

  • – Excellent wear and impact resistance
  • – Durable and solid, long lifetime
  • – Good strength and electrical conductivity
  • – Customization based on customer specification

Specifications of Laser Cutting Hot-Rolled Medical Equipment Reaction Tray Base Plate

Product Size300*285.4*2.5mmExpand Size300*285.4*2.5mm
Product MaterialSPHCMaterial Thickness2.5mm
Surface TreatmentEnvironmental protection color zinc (film thickness 7~10UM)Cutting DifficultyMedium
Cutting Tolerance±0.3mmAngle Tolerance±0.5°

The Common Problems of Laser Cutting Hot-Rolled Medical Equipment Reaction Tray Base Plate

Talk about the difference between hot rolled sheet metal parts and cold rolled sheet metal parts

It is well known that the production process of raw materials (cold rolled plate and hot rolled plate) of the two is different. The hot rolled plate is rolled at high temperature, and the cold rolled plate is rolled at room temperature.
Therefore, the hardness of cold rolled sheet metal parts is relatively high, and the processing is more difficult, but it is not easy to deform, and the strength is considerable, so it is mostly used in the production of product shells. However, hot rolled sheet metal parts have low hardness, easy processing and good ductility. Under the same strength, the thickness of hot rolled sheet metal parts will be thicker, which is more used in the production of product chassis.

There are several surface treatment methods for stainless steel sheet metal parts

A Surface treatment: the raw material surface of hot rolled plate is rough and the corrosion resistance is general, so it can be galvanized or sprayed on the surface to improve its aesthetic performance and service life;
B For the cutting method, laser cutting is often used, and the smoothness of the cutting part can also be higher. However, attention should be paid to the use of laser power and the formation of slag spots at the cutting place;

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The Detail Of BE-CU Laser Cutting Company

So, reach out even if you’re unsure of your specific need or if you think you may require a different type of manufacturing service(as laser cutting medical parts). Laser cutting service by BE-CU makes ordering your parts simple. Just upload your CAD files onto the platform for an instant price and lead time. Our mission is to save engineers’ time for value-adding activities.