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Automatic Tool Change Process Of CNC Machine Tool Machining Center

The CNC machining center has an automatic tool changer, a tool changer and an automatic pallet exchange device. These devices can complete the processing requirements of different parts of the same workpiece as much as possible after one installation, and minimize the non-failure of the CNC machining center. Downtime, to shorten the manufacturing cycle of the product, improve the processing accuracy of the product and other goals. The basic requirements for the automatic tool changer are mainly simple structure, reliable function, rapid exchange, and the tool exchange mechanism completes the exchange of the tool (new tool) in the tool magazine and the tool (old tool) on the spindle. The performance of the automatic tool changer directly affects the processing efficiency.

Although the types of tool magazines are different, the process of changing tools is the same. When the automatic tool changer receives the tool change command, the spindle stops rotating immediately and stops exactly at the tool change position, and the tool is released; the new tool moves to the tool change position with the tool magazine, and the tool is released; the double-arm manipulator moves the new and old tools At the same time, after the tool exchange table is rotated in place, the new and old tools are rotated on the spindle and the empty position of the tool magazine respectively; the spindle is clamped and returned to the original processing position to complete the tool change process.
The movement of the tool during tool change in the machining center consists of four parts; the tool stops with the spindle and moves to the tool change position, the movement of the tool in the tool magazine, the transmission movement of the tool with the tool change manipulator, and the movement of the tool back to the processing position with the spindle. Movement, etc., in which the movement of the tool and the chain in the chain tool magazine is the transfer pair, and the movement of the tool with the spindle is the moving pair. The transmission motion of the tool changing manipulator includes both the rotating pair and the moving pair. The tool changing process of the tool changing manipulator is completed by the following five stages: the grabbing stage, the pulling stage, the tool changing stage, the inserting stage and the tool releasing stage. These actions are completed by the following motion pairs; two racks and rollers and cylinders form a moving pair; two racks and two gear shafts form a gear pair; two gear shafts and the cylinder form a rotating pair; The robotic arm and the two gear shafts respectively form a moving pair, which moves back and forth to complete the action of drawing and inserting the knife.


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