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Fault Diagnosis And Maintenance Of DK77 Series CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

The DK77 series CNC wire cutting machine tool is a precision machine used in various industries for cutting complex shapes and contours from workpieces. To ensure the machine’s reliable performance and longevity, regular maintenance and timely fault diagnosis are crucial. This article will cover the common faults that may occur in a DK77 series CNC wire cutting machine tool and the appropriate maintenance and fault diagnosis procedures.

Common Faults in DK77 Series CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

  • Wire Breakage: Wire breakage is a common issue in wire cutting machines. It can occur due to excessive tension in the wire, improper alignment of the wire guides, or worn-out wire guides. Wire breakage disrupts the machining process and affects the accuracy of the cut.
  • Poor Surface Finish: Poor surface finish on the workpiece may result from inadequate flushing or improper machine settings. Insufficient flushing can lead to the accumulation of debris and affect the cutting quality.
  • Machine Vibration: Excessive machine vibration can occur due to worn-out bearings, loose fasteners, or misaligned components. Vibration impacts the precision of the machining process and may lead to dimensional inaccuracies in the workpiece.
  • Electrical Issues: Electrical problems, such as faulty wiring, damaged connectors, or malfunctioning circuit boards, can cause erratic machine behavior or complete machine failure.
  • Water Chiller Malfunction: The water chiller is critical for maintaining a stable and optimal temperature in the machine’s power supply and control units. A malfunctioning chiller can lead to overheating and damage to electronic components.

Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Procedures:

  • Regular Maintenance: Implement a regular maintenance schedule for the DK77 series CNC wire cutting machine tool. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication, cleaning, and inspection of critical components.
  • Wire Tension Adjustment: Ensure that the wire tension is set within the recommended range. High tension can lead to wire breakage, while low tension can cause wire deviation during cnc cutting.
  • Wire Guide Inspection: Regularly inspect and clean the wire guides to prevent wire breakage and ensure proper wire alignment. Replace worn-out guides promptly.
  • Flushing System Check: Verify that the flushing system is functioning correctly. Clean the nozzles and flushing paths regularly to maintain efficient flushing during the cutting process.
  • Vibration Analysis: Perform vibration analysis to identify the source of excessive machine vibration. Address loose fasteners, misaligned components, and worn-out bearings as needed.
  • Electrical Testing: Conduct electrical testing to identify and rectify any issues with wiring, connectors, or circuit boards. Perform routine inspections of electrical components and connections.
  • Chiller Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the water chiller to ensure it operates correctly. Clean the cooling system and replace coolant as recommended.
  • Software Updates: Keep the CNC control software up to date with the latest releases and patches to optimize machine performance and address potential software-related issues.
  • Operator Training: Train machine operators on the proper use and maintenance of the DK77 series wire precision cutting machine tool. Operators should be familiar with the machine’s operation and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Documentation and Records: Maintain detailed records of maintenance activities, repairs, and machine performance. This documentation helps track the machine’s history and aids in future fault diagnosis.

The DK77 series CNC wire cutting machine tool is a valuable asset in precision manufacturing processes. By implementing regular maintenance and adopting a proactive approach to fault diagnosis, manufacturers can maximize the machine’s performance, accuracy, and longevity. Timely identification and resolution of faults are crucial for minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent and high-quality results in CNC wire cutting operations.

The Lubrication Of CNC Machine Tools

All moving parts of the machine tool are lubricated by manual regular lubrication. The screw rod, transmission gear, bearing, guide rail of the upper and lower carriages, and the screw rod, transmission gear, bearing and guide rail of the screw drum should be lubricated with oil gun every day, and the lubricating oil type is fU-30 mechanical oil. When refueling, shake the handle or turn the wire storage cylinder by hand to make the screw rod and guide rail move all the way.Before refueling the bearings of the guide pulley and the wire row wheel, the guide pulley and the wire row wheel should be cleaned with kerosene and then oiled. The oiling period is once every 3 months.

The Maintenance Of Machine Tools

  • The whole machine should be kept clean frequently, and the machine should be wiped clean and oiled to prevent rust after shutdown for more than 8 hours.
  • The conductive block on the wire rack, the wire arrangement wheel, around the guide wheel and the gap between the two ends of the wire storage drum should be cleaned with kerosene frequently, and the dirty oil after cleaning should not flow back into the liquid return tank of the workbench.
  • The insulation between the molybdenum wire electrode and the workpiece is guaranteed by the workpiece fixture. The conductive block and the insulation of the workpiece fixture should be wiped clean frequently to ensure the insulation requirements.
  • The guide pulley, the wire row pulley and the bearing should be replaced as a set after 6 to 8 months of use.
  • Check the carbon brushes and rotors of the wire drum motor from time to time. If the carbon brushes are severely worn or the rotors are dirty, the carbon brushes should be replaced or the rotors should be cleaned.
  • If the working fluid circulation system is blocked, it should be cleared in time, especially to prevent the working fluid from infiltrating the inside of the machine tool and causing electrical failure.
  • After replacing the travel limit switch, it is necessary to re-adjust the collision head of the collision block. The adjustment principle is: ensure the overtravel of 05~imm. If the overtravel is too small, the action is not reliable enough. If the overtravel i is large, it is easy to damage the travel switch.
  • The machine tool should be isolated from external vibration sources to avoid strong electromagnetic fields nearby, and the entire work area should be kept clean.
  • When the power supply voltage exceeds the rated voltage +10%, it is recommended to use a regulated power supply.

Common Faults

There are many components in wire cutting machine tools that run at high speed and are in close contact with moving objects, and have a certain lifespan. After the machine tool runs normally for a period of time, the wear of these components will cause some failures of the machine tool, and it must be replaced at this time.

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