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Handling Of Common Faults Of CNC Lathes In A Machine Tool Factory In Shenyang

There is no picture on the display screen after the CNC system is turned on.Check the display cable for a bad connection, and reconnect it if so.Check whether the display voltage is normal.Check the DC power circuit.
There is no alarm, the machine does not move, there may be a problem with the circuit board or the ROM board controlled.
There is no display, but the machine tool can still operate, indicating that the control part of the numerical control system is normal, only the display circuit connection or printed circuit board has a problem.
The CNC machine cannot operate. First, it is possible that the reset button of the machine tool is always on, and the CNC system is in an emergency stop state. Second, the movement of the coordinate rod on the screen indicates that the machine tool is in a locked state. The third is that the specified feed rate is incorrect, and the system handles the alarm state.
The machine cannot return to the reference point. The reason is that the encoder wiring is faulty, or the limit switch or proximity switch is faulty.
The value displayed on the panel does not match the actual feed value of the machine tool. The position detection element should be checked.
The system freezes or fails to start normally after booting. Reboot, if it still cannot be eliminated, reload the machine parameters.
The tool holder does not move or move around.The wiring of the sending board or the power line is short-circuited, or the Hall element is burned out, just replace the element
The tool holder is loose, the clamping is not tight, and the work is unstable. Check the mechanical parts of the knife holder and remove the dirt from the mating part.
Override processing. Machine tool overtravel (first soft limit, second stroke limit). Manually move the machine tool overtravel coordinate axis to within the safe travel, and then press the reset key to cancel the alarm.
Alarm handling. Check the alarm information table in the machine tool maintenance manual, find out the cause of the failure, and take corresponding measures to eliminate it.
There are many reasons for the failure of CNC machine tools, and only some common simple failures are listed here. CNC maintenance is a highly specialized subject. What is needed is a complex talent. For the operation, the focus should be on the application of CNC machine tools. If a fault occurs, it is generally repaired by professional maintenance personnel. Without this knowledge, it cannot be forced. However, for general operation failures, it is required to be able to master the troubleshooting methods and to be able to handle the troubleshooting.


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