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Keyway On Long Shaft With Disc Slotting Cutter For Lathe

1.Clamping of lathe workpieces

When milling a long keyway on a long shaft with a diameter of 20 ~ 60mm, the workpiece can be positioned on the T-shaped groove in the center of the worktable, pressed with a pressure plate, and processed with a disc-shaped groove milling cutter.

2.The method of centering the lathe

During milling, in order to make the center of the thickness of the disc slot milling cutter pass through the axis of the workpiece and ensure that the center of the workpiece is symmetrical on both sides of the keyway to be milled, the following two tool setting methods are commonly used in lathes.

  • After the cutting marks are aligned with the central workpiece, make the center of the thickness of the milling cutter roughly in the center of the workpiece, turn on the tool, and cut out an oval facet slightly smaller than the width of the groove at the busbar on the workpiece. Observe If the center of both ends of the milling cutter is at the center of the facet, the center of the width of the milling cutter passes through the center of the workpiece. After the center of the lathe is aligned, the transverse feed is tightened, and then the workpiece is adjusted.
  • After measuring and aligning the workpiece, make the center of the thickness of the milling cutter roughly align with the center of the workpiece, put the square ruler on the worktable, and make the ruler seedlings against the busbars on both sides of the workpiece respectively. Measure with a vernier caliper so that the dimension A=A’, that is, the center is aligned. After the center of the lathe is aligned, the workpiece can be processed.

3.Milling method

Mill through and semi-through grooves on the long shaft, and the depth can be milled at one time. When milling, press the pressure plate at a distance of 60~100mm from the end of the workpiece, and mill a slot length from the end of the workpiece inward; then stop, move the pressure plate to the end of the workpiece, and place the copper sheet on the workpiece to clamp the workpiece; observe the impact of the milling cutter on the workpiece.

Without pressing the plate, turn on the machine and mill out the full length by self-feeding. The long keyway can be milled by moving the platen and workpiece several times. When the lathe is moving, stop the rotation of the milling cutter first, use a brush to remove the chips in the groove, and retract the cutter to the original position, but the milling cutter should not be separated from the workpiece, release the pressure plate, and move the workpiece axially.

When the lathe is milling, the position of the pressure plate should be paid attention to, and the milling cutter should not touch the pressure plate.

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