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Matters Needing Attention In Machining Center Programming

Designing the machining process of the machining center is actually designing the machining steps of each surface. When designing the working steps of the machining center, it is mainly considered from the two aspects of accuracy and efficiency. The following are the main principles for the design of machining steps in the machining center;
The machined surface is completed in the order of roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing, or all the machined surfaces are carried out separately according to roughing first, semi-finishing and fine-graining later. When the machining dimensional tolerance requirements are high, the former can be used considering factors such as part size, accuracy, and deformation of the rigidity of the parts; when the machining position tolerance requirements are high, the latter is used.
For parts with both milling surfaces and boring holes, you can mill first and then boring. Dividing the steps in this way can improve the machining accuracy of the hole. When milling, the cutting force is large, and the workpiece is easily deformed. Boring the hole after milling the surface to allow it to recover for a period of time, reducing the impact on the accuracy of the hole caused by deformation. On the contrary, if the hole is boring first and then the surface is milled, then during milling, burrs and burrs will inevitably be generated at the hole, thus destroying the accuracy of the hole.
When the positional accuracy of a design datum and hole machining is close to the machine tool positioning accuracy and profit positioning accuracy, the principle of centralized processing of the same design datum is adopted, which can solve the problem of machining accuracy when there are more than one design dimensional reference for the same station .
In the centralized processing of the same station, the processing should be done according to the nearest position as much as possible to shorten the moving distance of the tool and reduce the dry running time.
Divide the steps according to the tools used. For example, the rotation time of some machine tools is shorter than the tool change time, without affecting the accuracy, in order to reduce the number of tool changes, reduce the idle time, and reduce unnecessary positioning errors, the tool concentration process can be adopted, that is, the same tool is used. Finish machining the same parts on the knife handle part, and then change the second knife.
Considering the repeated positioning error in the processing, the principle cannot be adopted for the hole system with high coaxiality requirements. After one positioning, through sequential continuous tool change, after processing all the holes of the coaxial hole system continuously, add other coordinate position holes to improve the coaxiality of the hole system.
In one positioning set-up, complete as much as possible all surfaces that can be machined.

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