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Modeling And Color Design Of Machine Tool

After the overall layout of the machine tool is initially determined, it is necessary to carry out the artistic modeling work of the machine tool. It is designated to design the shape of the machine tool according to the laws of aesthetics under the conditions that meet the functional requirements of the machine tool, so that it can be in shape, line type, color, texture, etc.

Aesthetically pleasing. Its content roughly includes; whether the proportions of the geometric shapes of the machine parts are coordinated; whether the line is smooth; whether the colors adapt to the customs of users in different countries and regions; whether the appearance is novel, unique, and beautiful.

1. Determination of geometry

After the overall plan of the machine tool is determined, there is a basic outline of the shape. On this basis, it is necessary to further according to the mutual structural relationship of the functional characteristics of each part of the product, to organically organize the appropriate geometric shapes allowed by the structural functions of each part of the product.

They are combined together to form the overall geometric image of the product. Attention should also be paid to the street connection between the forms, the space effect of decent transformation and segmentation, so that the product can meet the functional requirements and be artistic at the same time.

At present, the characteristics of machine tool product modeling are simple, generous, elegant, fine and distinct. For example, the modern design of the machine tool, the entire bed has clear edges, close connection, natural transitions, and echoes of lines and surfaces, showing a concise and simple modeling style.

The shape is characterized by more use of straight lines and square corners, with small rounded or right angles instead of large rounded corners in the past, and straight lines and planes instead of past arcs and curved surfaces, giving people a stable and safe feeling.

In this way, there is a need to use modern manufacturing processes and materials, and it is also conducive to improving the demeanor of the body and meeting economic requirements. Another feature of the shape is to develop towards a closed shape. The fuselage is fully enclosed and semi-enclosed by a cover, such as a machining center machine tool.

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