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Research On Control Of Transverse Crack In The Corner Of Sub-Peritectic Steel Continuous Casting

Steel grades with a carbon mass fraction of 0.09% to 0.16% are called sub-peritectic steels. In the continuous casting process, molten steel undergoes a series of phase transformation, crystallization and other processes, especially when the carbon content of the steel is in the peritectic reaction zone, due to the occurrence of the peritectic reaction, the liquid phase and the delta phase almost disappear and transform into Austenite causes larger volume shrinkage, increases the gap between the casting slab and the mold, and increases the thermal resistance accordingly. Due to the uneven heat transfer, the thickness of the solidified shell is also uneven. Under the action of thermal stress, friction, and hydrostatic pressure of steel, the crack sensitivity is greatly increased, and when the value of these stresses is greater than the maximum that the shell surface can withstand Under stress, cracks will begin to occur on the surface of the cast slab, and the transverse cracks at the corners are particularly prominent.

Research on Control of Transverse Crack in the Corner of Sub-Peritectic Steel Continuous Casting

In order to improve the surface quality of the sub-peritectic steel continuous casting slab, scholars at the University of Science and Technology Beijing used low-power microscopic observation and simulation to study the formation mechanism of the transverse cracks at the corners of the sub-peritectic steel continuous casting slab.

Different steel grades have different structures near the transverse cracks at the corners. The structure near the cracks of steel grades with a carbon content of 0.15% is uniform ferrite + pearlite

The cracks of the steel with 0.093% carbon mass fraction mainly occur on the intergranular proeutectoid ferrite film with a thickness of about 50μm, and the crack occurrence rate of the latter is about 3 times that of the former;

The carbon content has a fundamental impact on the plasticity of steel grades, thus affecting the occurrence of corner transverse cracks. Industrial test results show that when the carbon mass fraction is less than 0.1%, the carbon mass fraction is reduced to 0.07%, and the corner transverse cracks occur. The rate can be reduced from 44% to about 4%.

The optimization results of the secondary cooling numerical simulation show that the optimized cooling scheme of the weak cooling mode before the bending section and the strong cooling mode of the inner arc after the bending section can ensure that the temperature of the inner and outer arc corners of the continuous casting slab avoids the third brittle zone and optimizes the crack after optimization. The number and length are greatly reduced, and the occurrence of corner transverse cracks can be well controlled.

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