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Die Casting Wheels With Aluminum Alloy 5 Axis CNC Machining

Die Casting Wheels

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Casting Process:HPDC/Aluminum Die Casting
  • Die Casting Machine: 400~1650T
  • Weight:1.0~10.0kg
  • Dimension: According To Customer’s Drawings
  • Annual Volume: 100,000 per year
  • Porosity requirements: ASTM E505 Level 3
  • Leakage test requirement:Custom
  • Surface treatment:Custom
  • Application: Automotive
Aluminum | Automotive

High-Quality Die Casting Wheels With Aluminum Alloy 5 Axis CNC Machining

Wheels, also known as rims, are the barrel-shaped, center-mounted shaft parts of the tire that support the tire. Common automotive wheels are steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. The strength of steel wheels is high, and it is often used in large trucks; However, the steel wheels are heavy in quality and single in appearance, which does not meet the concept of low-carbon and fashion today, and is gradually being replaced by aluminum alloy wheels. At present, the original wheels of passenger cars on the market are basically aluminum alloy wheels.

Contract manufacturer offering die casting wheels and aluminum 5 axis cnc machining services. Supplies OEMs with engineered aluminum automotive components. Works with a wide variety of aluminum alloys. Casting techniques include solidification modeling, flow simulation, virtual casting optimization, infrared thermal management, non-contact mold cleaning, automated and computerized tilt-pour, programmable melt system, and sub-gating technology. Can cast molded inserts. Flexible quantities available. CNC machining services include multi-axis milling, precision high speed turning, and rapid turnaround. Finishing services are also offered, including welding, powder coating, and heat treating. ISO 9001:2015 certified. On-site JIT warehousing.

The Advantages Of Die Casting Wheels With Aluminum Alloy 5 Axis CNC Machining

  • – ISO Certification: We are an ITAF 16949 And ISO 9001:2015 certified China metal casting manufacturer that proficient in making service for aluminum die casting、zinc die casting、investment castiong 、sand casting and cnc machining.
  • – Quality Control: We use a quality assurance checklist for all of our products to effectively track, examine, and verify whether the produced aluminum castings meet the necessary standards and requirements.
  • – Broad Applications: Our precise metal casting parts and mouldings serve lots of critical industries and leading companies.
  • – Plant and Facilities: We have a large die casting factory、investment casting line and sand casting line with die casting manufacturing machinery and up-to-date CMM measuring instruments.
  • – OEM Capacity: If you need custom metal castings with specific configurations, our cnc machining service can realize your complex designs comfirm,Experienced designers and electronic engineers will assist you in completing the entire project. Not only your project parts, our ideas in creativity.
  • – High Productivity: reliable raw material supplies and a team of trained staff enable metal casting parts to be manufactured with high efficiency within the promised period.
  • – Low Cost: Our cost control on the process, our metal casting parts at lower prices than other metal castings manufacturers.This is the difference in strength

Specifications of Die Casting Wheels With Aluminum Alloy 5 Axis CNC Machining

MaterialAluminum、Zinc、Brass、Stainless Steel、Titanium etc
Surface TreatmentCustom (Sand Blasting, Polishing, Spray painting, Pad Printing, Colour Electrophoresis, Mirror Finishing, Silk-Screen Printing, Oxidation)
Main ProcessDie Casting(up to 3000 tons),Hot Chamber Die Casting, High Pressure Die Casting,Investment Casting,Sand Casting etc.,
Quality ControlStrictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing, Coordinate-measuring machine
Customized DrawingsAuto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted

The Detail Of BE-CU Die Casting Company

Our expert team of customer care service executives conducts an end-of-project review, measuring ourselves against defined performance criteria and utilizing your feedback to identify the desired changes. Solve all of issue for your products develop requirement until the perfect result.

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Automotive Wheel Hub Aluminum Casting

There are many manufacturing methods for aluminum alloy automotive wheels in the automotive wheel casting process, including investment method, lost-wax casting method, die-casting method, low-pressure casting method and centrifugal casting method. Among them, investment mold and loss of wax are more commonly used process methods, while pressed (or off) film is rarely used. Due to the high cost of these methods, they are generally only used on large and complex parts.

1.Die Casting Wheels Mold Design

  • Choose the right material according to the drawing requirements:
  • Select a reasonable mold structure form according to the size and weight of the product:
  • Determine the parting surface and positioning method according to the product shape and accuracy requirements:
  • Determine the type of pouring system and its location;
  • Calculate and draw the pouring system diagram;
  • Calculate and plot the cooling water channel;
  • Calculate and draw exhaust gas passage diagram;
  • Determine the structural size of each component;
  • Consider the heat treatment conditions of the product.

2.Aluminum Alloy Material For Automotive Wheels

Ordinary cast aluminum alloy, forged aluminum alloy and powder metallurgy, etc., of which the quality of forged aluminum alloy is better. Features of cast aluminum wheels:

  • Light weight (the same diameter of forged steel hub weighs about 30 kg),
  • Good strength (can withstand large impact load),
  • Good heat dissipation (about 30% higher than cast iron radiator).
  • The price is cheap
  • Simple process, high production efficiency;
  • Easy to manufacture. The disadvantage is that it is easy to rust, not easy to process, and the surface hardness is not high.

The advantages of forging rims are:High strength and rigidity. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to wear. And due to the material itself, it is easy to deform or crack! Therefore, stamping dies are generally used for production!

The Difference Between Wire Spoke Hub And Die Cast Integral Wheels Hub

The form of spokes used in motorcycle wheels is far earlier than that of die-casting aluminum alloy wheels. In fact, it can be traced back to the era when people used carriages.

In the 19th century, Europeans used steel wire as the support of wheel hub for bicycles, which is the origin of steel wire spoke wheel hub.

Later, motorcycles were directly applied to motorcycles after their appearance. At that time, the performance of motorcycles was limited, and it was not inappropriate to use wire spoke hubs.
With the progress of technology, the performance of modern motorcycles is becoming more and more powerful, and the speed is getting faster and faster. It is inappropriate to use steel wire spoke hubs again.

First of all, there was no vacuum radial tire at that time. The steel wire spoke hub can only be matched with the tire with inner tube. Because of the inner tube, the tire will generate a lot of heat when driving at high speed, and its heat dissipation capacity is poor, so it is more and more unsuitable for carrying on high-performance motorcycles.

Secondly, the steel wire spoke hub has a certain elastic deformation capacity, which is just an advantage on off-road vehicles, but it has become a disadvantage on high-performance motorcycles with highways as the main driving section. The latter has a huge instantaneous torque output. In the case of high throttle starting or rapid acceleration, the steel wire spoke hub will undergo transient deformation when driven by strong power, thus affecting the vehicle’s acceleration capability.

The last point is also the most critical. Due to the structure, the precision of the steel wire spoke hub is relatively lower than that of the die-casting integral hub, and the lateral sway at high speed is greater than that of the die-casting integral hub. Therefore, the stability of the steel wire spoke hub is weaker than that of the die-casting integral hub during high-speed driving.

Under the combined effect of these reasons, the steel wire spoke hub gradually gave way to the die-casting integral hub.

However, as the oldest hub structure, the steel wire spoke hub has not completely withdrawn from the stage of history. On off-road motorcycles, hardline ADVs and some American cruisers and retro vehicles, the steel wire spoke hub is still an absolutely correct choice.

As mentioned earlier, the steel wire spoke hub has good elastic deformation capacity, which can be used to absorb the driving requirements of off-road vehicles or hard ADV models on harsh roads. It has strong cushioning capacity, can effectively filter road impact, and is more comfortable to ride.

However, the choice of wire spoke hubs for American cruisers and retro vehicles is, first of all, a matter of style. After all, these ancient models used wire spoke hubs at the very beginning. Second, American cruisers and retro vehicles generally do not pay attention to performance and have no pursuit of high-speed driving.

Briefly summarize the advantages and disadvantages of steel wire spoke hub and die-casting (or forged hub).Summarize the advantages of wire spoke hub:

  • The cost is relatively cheap;
  • Light weight, light unsprung weight;
  • Less wind resistance during driving;
  • Once the air leaks from the binding pin, the steel wire spoke hub type tire with inner tube will not deflate immediately, so the safety is better;
  • Riding comfort;
  • It can be used under extremely bad road conditions with good reliability, and will not leak due to poor sealing caused by wheel hub deformation;
  • On the models that need style, he has more style;

Disadvantages:The structure is complex. It is composed of spokes, spoke caps, central axles, etc. It also needs to be used with inner tubes (except for some steel wire spoke hubs without inner tubes), which brings maintenance trouble. Generally, people who play off-road vehicles know that they have to go home to readjust the spokes after playing well, and it is more difficult to repair a broken tire (except for steel wire spoke hubs without inner tubes);

It can not bear the instantaneous large torque output and will have certain deformation, so it is not suitable for loading on high-power high-performance motorcycles;

The high-speed stability is poor, and the lateral swing amplitude will be greater than the die-casting integral hub.