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Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory Lathe Cutting Steps

Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Works is the largest comprehensive lathe manufacturer in China and a national-level CNC machine tool development and manufacturing base. They produce many types of lathes, including general machine tools, CNC machine tools, special machine tools, and machine tool parts.

Among them, the CA6136 ordinary lathe has high rigidity, and the surface of the guide rail is hardened by medium class, which is durable and wear-resistant. The operation of the machine tool is convenient and centralized, the sliding plate is equipped with a fast-moving mechanism, and the single-handle visual operation is adopted, which is very pleasant. The structural rigidity and transmission rigidity of the machine tool are higher than that of ordinary lathes, and the power utilization rate is high, which is suitable for powerful high-belt cutting. The main shaft has a large bore and a complete range of optional accessories is available. In addition, they also produce CW6163 horizontal lathes and CW1100 horizontal lathes, which have complete models and accessories such as spindle encoders, manual pulse generators, etc.

Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory Cuts The Basic Surface Of The Thread

  • When turning the external thread, turn the major diameter of the thread first. Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory due to the extrusion effect of cutting, the general outer diameter cutting size should be reduced 0 12P than the thread large diameter size. That is, dsl = d -0. 12P 7-41) For example, when the M24 coarse thread ordinary thread is used, P: 3mm, according to the formula (7-41), the size d9F of the outer diameter of the thread is d*: d-0.12P=( 24_0.12×3)mm=23.64mm
  • When turning the internal thread, the diameter of the internal hole will be reduced due to the extrusion effect of the turning tool, so the hole diameter D before turning the internal thread should be slightly larger than the small diameter D of the internal thread. Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory Under normal circumstances, the aperture size D can be calculated by the following approximate formula when turning plastic metal internal threads D hole ≈ DP (7-42) D when precision turning brittle metal internal threads: D-1.05P ( 743) For example, when turning M24 coarse teeth ordinary internal thread (body = 3mm), the workpiece material is 45 steel, Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory, according to formula (742), the hole diameter D before turning thread is Djt-DP: (24_3 )mm=21mm is smaller than the inner thread diameter D. = 20.752mm large (21-20.752)mm: 0.248mm.

Another example, turning M24×/mm fine-toothed ordinary internal thread, the material is cast tin bronze, according to formula (7-43), the hole diameter Dn before turning thread is DA≈D -1. 05P= (24 -1 05 x2 ) mm = 21.9mm2) Ruibe chamfering.

Turn the tool retraction groove or draw the tool retraction position line.

Clamp The Thread Turning Tool

Trial cutting the thread to detect the thread pitch and rotation h-direction of the workpiece thread. Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory adjusts the spindle speed and adjusts the position of the exchange gear and the moving handle of the feed box according to the workpiece pitch Pr. Trial cutting with a small amount of back knife, draw a shallow thread mark, and then stop to detect the workpiece pitch and rotation. Is the direction correct. Common methods of detection are:

  • Check with steel ruler or vernier caliper. In order to reduce the error, it should generally be measured across several tooth profiles, such as the metric thread can measure the pitch P. The integer number of teeth contained in the length of an integer multiple of 4 to 10, the measured length is divided by the number of teeth, which is the pitch; the inch thread takes lin or 2in as the measurement length, and detects the number of teeth they contain, namely is the number of teeth per inch.
  • Check with pitch gauge. Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Factory selects a pitch gauge that matches the pitch of the thread, and can directly read the pitch of the workpiece or the number of teeth per inch.
  • When checking the thread pitch of the internal thread, the vernier caliper cannot extend in, and it is inconvenient to observe with a steel ruler or a pitch gauge. At this time, you can put the chalk in the inner hole, close to the small diameter of the screw hole, and rotate it gently by hand to engrave the screw. The thread pitch can be determined by measuring with a steel ruler, vernier caliper or thread gauge.

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