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3+2 Axis Cnc Machining

What Is 3+2 Axis CNC Machining

The continuity of machining, surface finish, that is, no machining traces, with linkage to the error “buried” in the workpiece, does not mean improved precision, but the surface condition is very good, such as medical devices, single blade and so on, of course, some are also the requirements of the machining process, requiring “uniform “The removal of material, to ensure that the workpiece machining stress changes and thermal changes uniform.

3 + 2 is in the 5-axis machining with a rotary axis to determine the vector attitude of the tool, and then use three linear axes to do 3-axis linkage machining method, mostly used in box parts machining, mold machining. This way programming is simple, the machine loss is small (rotary axis life is relatively low linear axis, so try to turn less), the disadvantage is that even if the high precision machine tools, 3 + 2 way can see the machining boundary between the two vectors (visually see, hands may not feel, measurement is no problem) but if the accuracy of a slightly poor machine tool, 3 + 2 may make a “step “to, while the 5-axis linkage will not (surface light does not mean good precision).

The Difference Of 3+2 Axis And 4+1 Axis Machining

3+2 refers to the three axis machine tool XYZ plus two axes, the two axes refers to the “tilt axis” and “rotation axis” of the rotary table, that is, AC axis, as the name implies is XYZAC five axes, but not all five-axis rotary table, are called AC axis, this is Depending on the definition of certain systems and the pendulum direction of the rotary table, there are also called AB axis or BC axis.

The Difference Of 3+2 Axis And 4+1 Axis Machining

4+1 means four axes plus one axis, the actual hardware part is still the same as 3+2, 4+1 describes the linkage function, many people think that the five-axis indexing table AC axis can only move one of the axes, but this is not the case, 4+1 we can call “five-axis four linkage”, that is, there are five axes any four axes at the same time in the Linkage, one of the axes is to do positioning machining does not move, for example: XYAC, Z axis does not move, or XYZA, C axis does not move, any one axis does not linkage, this is the “4 +1” five-axis four linkage.

3+2 Axis Cnc Machining – 4+1 Axis Cnc Machining Services

Product Accuracy Is Our Attitude,We offer Volume 3+2 Axis or multi axis Cnc Machining services for precision parts. Meet your requirement on price and quality.Where We Build Your precision visions

3+2 Axis CNC Machining parts are components processed through multi axis linkage techniques. It includes 3+2 Axis Machining,4+1 Axis Machining and more.

Each part is precisely machining to meet specific applications.

During the linkage cnc machining process, we used numerous high-end metals and plastic. Group) pick stainless steel, brass, copper, carbon steel, aluminum, specialized alloys and plastic. All of them are strictly inspected to ensure durability, long life service, and high corrosive protection.

3+2 Axis Cnc Machining

Our Case Studies Gallery Of 3+2 Axis Cnc Machining Services Parts

We are in the business of creating products that save you time and money. In addition to our 3+2 Axis Cnc Machining services, we provide laser cutting, sheet metal manufacturing, die casting, and 3d printing. All customers’ orders are inspected by our team to ensure they ship complete with hardware, finish, silk-screening, electronic component assembly, and testing.

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