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Wire Cutting Aluminum Alloy 6061T Framework

Aluminum Alloy 6061T Framework

  • Material: Aluminum 6061
  • Custom Process: WEDM
  • Other Process: Turning,Milling,etc
  • Surface Roughness: Ra6.3-800
  • Annual Volume: 1,000 per year
  • Size: Custom
  • Application: Electronic Or IPC
  • Precision: ± 0.0001”
Aluminum | Automotive | Electronic | IPC

High-Quality Custom Aluminum Alloy 6061T Framework

BE-CU.COM mainly produces marine hatch covers, mechanical sheet metal structural parts, manhole covers, steel doors, marine accessories, Wuxi steel structural parts, cold work processing, EN/JISQ/AS9100:2004 certified & NADCAP approved manufacturer of machine parts utilizing EDM machining. EDM machining capabilities include tolerances held to plus or minus 0.0002 in., sizes up to 16 in. x 27 in., 24 in. thick & weights up to 2500 lbs. EDM drilling services include small hole (0.008 in.), high speed & micro hole drilling. Fine finishing, polishing & deburring available.

Why Choose Our Wire Cutting Aluminum Alloy 6061T Framework Service?

  • 2m Large Wire Cutting
  • Large-Scale Automobile Die Cutting
  • Large-Scale Furniture Die Cutting
  • 40 Sets Of Large-Stroke Precision Wire Cutting
  • Single Side Cutting 40°, Cutting Height 1 Meter
  • Load-Bearing More Than 5 Tons, Swing Large Taper Wire Cutting
  • Quantity flexibility. From prototypes to low/high volume production, we can meet your requirements with exact specifications.
  • Quality Assurance. Our team of highly skilled workers and strict quality control and inspection will ensure the quality of the final parts.
  • Strong Professionalism. Electric Discharge Machining services at BE-CU will maintain integrity, consistency, productivity, and economy.
  • High Standard. Our purpose is to achieve perfection in wire cut EDM machining through continuous improvement and upgrading.
  • Customer satisfaction. Fast turnaround, on-time delivery, high quality, competitive prices, and best service help us win high customer satisfaction.

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Wire Cutting Specifications of Aluminum Alloy 6061T Framework

Item NameWEDM(Wire Cutting)
Thickness0.5mm-20mm,Depends on your products
High Precision+/-0.0001mm
Quality ControlMaterial Analysis、Hardness Testing、Mechanical Testing、Magnetic Particle Inspection、X Ray Testing、Leakage Testing、Ultrasonic Inspection
Surface TreatmentPowder coating,Nickel plating,Anodic oxidation,Chrome plating,Yellow zinc plated,Electroless nickel plating,Chemical conversion coating,Zinc plating,Electroplating,etc
Customized Drawings2D:DWG,DXF,PDF & 3D:ASM,IGS,STEP,STP .ETC

The Detail Of BE-CU Wire Cutting Company

BE-CU is a specialist that can fabricate industrial parts and custom machined parts using a wide variety of manufacturing techniques. With Wire Cutting Services at, you can get your wire EDM parts in a much more accurate and fast way, compared to conventional machining. Our newest wire cutting machines can meet your needs of high volume while maintaining high repeatability, top quality and tight tolerance. Over the past years, we have earned a good reputation for producing custom parts with reasonable pricing and on-time delivery, and also capable of working with electrical discharge machining equipment to provide wire cut EDM parts and services for our customers. Our EDM services offer experience and excellence in all types of EDM machining, welcome to submit an inquiry online.

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