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Common Electrical Faults Of CNC Wire-cutting Machine Tools

Example 8-17 The yarn storage drum is not reversed, causing the machine to stop all the time.
Possible cause: The travel switch SQ3 or SQ2 is damaged.
Remedy: change the travel switch SQ3 or SQ2.
Example 8-18 The yarn storage drum is often stopped when the direction is reversed.
Possible reasons: The electrode wire is too loose; the broken wire protection circuit is faulty.
Method of exclusion:. Tighten the electrode wire; replace the broken wire protection relay.
Example 8-19 The wire storage drum does not rotate (the SBI does not respond when the wire feeding button is pressed).
Possible reasons: the external power supply has no voltage; the resistance Y. Blown; the bridge rectifier vc of the CNC lathe is damaged, causing the fuse FUi to blow.
Remedy: check the external power supply and remove it; replace the resistance Yl with the CNC lathe; replace the rectifier vc with the CNC lathe, and the fuse FU. .
Example 8-20 The wire storage drum does not rotate (the wire feeding voltage is indicated and is higher than that in normal operation):
Possible reasons: carbon brush wear or rotor dirt: The power supply line of the CNC lathe motor M is broken.
Remedy: replace the carbon brush, clean the motor rotor; check the incoming wire and remove it.
Example 8-21 The work light is not on.
Possible cause: Fuse FU2 is broken
Remedy: replace fuse FU2.
Pour 8-22 working fluid pump does not rotate or rotates slowly.
Possible reasons: The working contactor KM3 of the liquid pump does not pull in; the capacitor of the working liquid pump is damaged or the capacity is reduced.
Remedy: press SB4, if there is 115V voltage at the two ends of the KM3 wire package, replace the KM3. If there is no J15V voltage on the CNC lathe, check and control the KM3 wire package circuit: replace the capacitor of the same specification or add a capacitor with sufficient voltage resistance.
Example 8-23 The high-frequency power supply is normal, the wire is running normally, and there is no high-frequency spark (the simulation does not run during normal operation and cutting).
Possible reasons: If the high-frequency relay Kj does not work, the normally closed contact of the travel switch SQ3 is broken; if the high-frequency relay Ki can be pulled in, the CNC lathe is because the high-frequency relay contact is broken or the high-frequency output line is broken.
Remedy: choose the travel switch sQj; change the high-frequency relay K, check the high-frequency power output line with the CNC lathe, and eliminate the open circuit fault.


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