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Common Machining Technology Of Zirconia Ceramic Rod

Common Machining Technology Of Zirconia Ceramic Rod

Ceramic rods are usually made of alumina ceramics or zirconia ceramics as raw materials, which are formed by dry pressing, static pressing, hot die casting, etc. In military machinery, medical equipment, aerospace, and other fields. What are the machining techniques of ceramic rods, do you know? Pintejin Ceramics is a professional manufacturer of various ceramic components. It has strong development and production capacity, and applies advanced production equipment and reasonable and innovative production technology. Our products are of good quality, and the products we provide can definitely reassure users. The professional ability of Pintejin ceramics, the practice of abiding by contracts and keeping promises are unanimously recognized in the industry. The editor of Pintejin Ceramics will take you to understand the machining technology of ceramic rods and solve your questions.

The machining technology of zirconia ceramic rods mainly includes:

  1. Zirconia ceramic rod punching;
  2. Slotting of zirconia ceramic rods: according to customer requirements, it can be slotted on one side and on both sides;
  3. Straightness machining of zirconia ceramic rods: The straightness has a great relationship with the size of the zirconia ceramic rods. The longer the zirconia ceramic rods are, the easier it is to bend. Usually, the zirconia ceramic rods with a length of 100mm can be controlled. In the straightness of 0.1mm, the 300mm zirconia ceramic rod can be controlled at 0.3mm;
  4. Polishing of zirconia ceramic rods: After sintering of zirconia ceramic rods, the surface will be very rough, and the surface of zirconia ceramic rods must be polished by a centerless grinder and grinding equipment. After the polished zirconia ceramic rods are polished Able to achieve the effect of atomized mirror;
  5. Chamfering of zirconia ceramic rods: it can be mainly divided into 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, etc. The use of grinding wheels can be used for chamfering of zirconia ceramic rods at different angles;
  6. Cylindrical machining of zirconia ceramic rods: The outer circle of zirconia ceramic rods usually needs to be cylindrically ground, and its roundness can reach 0.002mm.

As for the machining technology of zirconia ceramic rods, Pintejin usually introduces them here. Zirconia ceramic rods are all made of alumina ceramics or zirconia ceramics through various processes; the machining technology of zirconia ceramic rods mainly includes the above points. Because zirconia ceramic rods have excellent characteristics, Widely used in military machinery, medical equipment, aerospace, and other fields. Pintejin Ceramics is a high-tech enterprise focusing on ceramic production and precision machining. At present, Pintejin Ceramics has a number of CNC machine tools including Beijing Jingdiao, as well as machining equipment such as precision grinders and forming equipment such as isostatic pressing and sintering furnaces. Mainly focus on precision ceramic machining, mainly including: zirconia ceramic machining, silicon carbide ceramic machining, silicon nitride ceramic machining, aluminum nitride ceramic machining, alumina ceramic machining and other advantageous fields. Pintejin Ceramics email:[email protected]. Welcome customers to visit.

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