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Data Backup of CNC Machine Tool Maintenance in Shenyang Machine Tool Factory

Data backup of CNC machine tool maintenance in Shenyang Machine Tool Factory Because sln840cmmc-cpu combines the computing hard disk and the data management method of the computer dos operating system, the data management of sln840c is very different from the rest of the sln800 series systems. After software version 3, all system programs (nck and plk) of sln840c are stored on the hard disk, that is, during the system startup process, mmc loads the boot and system programs for nck-cpu and plc-cpu, the system completes startup, mmc Then load all the processing programs and data in the user/LOcal/STANDAED workpiece directory on the hard disk into the nck memory. The programs required for work processing can be set by the machine tool manufacturer and placed in the standard directory. In this way, after the system is started, the operator can directly process the workpiece. All machine data, setting data, plc programs can also be backed up on the mmc hard disk. This makes the sln840c very different from other sln800 series systems. For other sln800 series systems, after the battery is powered off, all data must be re-input through the programmer. In sln840c, it is enough to reload the numerical control on the hard disk. The machine CNC is backed up with savetodisk software in the dlagnosls/start-up/machinesata/file function area. At this time, the screen will ask you to enter a new file name, and then press the ok software to save the CNC machine tool to the file you named. The file can be reloaded with the loadfromdisk software in the same area, or saved to disk via CNC I/O. Setting data is stored or loaded with savenc or loadnc software in the servlces/nc area.
The plc program is stored in the form of machine code on the mmc hard disk. The storage location is the plc/plc/data/anw-prog file in the services/datamanagement area. The plc program can only be stored in the generalreset screen. The saveplc soft key saves all programs in the current plc-cpu memory to the anw-prog file on the hard disk, and the plcreset soft key implicitly loads the anw-prog file into the plc-cpu memory.
Generally speaking, after the machine tool manufacturer completes the design of the machine tool, the above data should be backed up on the hard disk, and at the same time, a floppy disk containing all the data should be left to the end user for the user to use during maintenance. After the user accepts the machine tool, if possible, the above data should be backed up, just in case. In addition, Siemens has not provided a hard disk backup function for sln840c – tape drive (streamer), this function is to back up all the data on the hard disk (including the dos system) to the tape. The tape is generally 160mb or 600mb, and the entire hard disk can be backed up, but this function requires a valitek tape drive.
The data on the floppy disk can be used by the user to restore the system when the system battery is powered off and the nc-cpu and plc-cpu boards are faulty. However, when the mmc-cpu board fails, the mmc-cpu board needs to be replaced. At this time, the user still wants to restore the original version of the system software, especially when the machine tool has special functions, only the original backup tape can be used to restore the machine tool operation.

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