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Development Of Rapid Sheet Metal Forming Line For Reflector Of Energy-Saving Lamps

Developing a rapid sheet metal forming line for the reflector of energy-saving lamps involves designing and setting up a production process to manufacture these components efficiently. Energy-saving lamp reflectors are typically made from thin sheet metal, and rapid sheet metal forming aims to speed up the manufacturing process while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness.

Development Of Rapid Sheet Metal Forming Line For Reflector Of Energy-Saving Lamps

Overall Technical Goals

The rapid sheet metal forming line of the reflector of energy-saving lamps is mainly used inled Sheet metal forming and manufacturing of reflectors for energy-saving lamps.

Lamp reflectors are generally made of 5 0.35one0,45mmStamped from high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the length is generally 800one1 300 mm,Including edge stacking, multi-channel bending, pressing, punching (special-shaped holes) and other processes.

At present, multiple sets of molds such as trimming, punching and turning, bending, and edge stacking are used in China to form on the press. The production efficiency is low, the qualified rate of parts is low, and the energy consumption and labor cost of single-piece manufacturing are high. It has become a Common problems that are difficult to solve in the industry restrict the development of the industry.

Features of reflector parts for energy-saving lamps: thin material thickness, large aspect ratio, high symmetry, high surface roughness requirements, and large bending deformation of the reflecting surface. If the general production line is used for production, it is difficult to control the product quality problems such as the size of the parts, warping deformation, bumps and scratches.The cross-sectional shape is shown in the figure1 shown.

In this paper, the multi-line mechanical structure, step punching, composite roll forming technology (linear gradient roll forming technology, repeated bending roll forming technology),ccYiyiNKA comprehensive solution with bus control and software control as the core, realizes theledThe high-efficiency, energy-saving and intelligent production of the reflector of energy-saving lamps solves the problems of dimensional fluctuation, warping deformation and bumping and scratching of parts.

Overall Design

1.Parts Forming Process And Mechanical Structure

The production line is based on step punching punching and composite roll forming (linear gradient roll forming technology, repeated bending roll forming technology) as the main work station, with uncoiling, cutting, transitional material distribution as the slave work station, and surplus material accumulation and calibration. Flat feeding and servo feeding are auxiliary workstations, forming a sheet metal forming manufacturing system with nine-stage process coordination. Its process plan is as follows:

The mechanical part is mainly composed of uncoiler

  • Residual Rack
  • Leveling Feeder
  • Punching Machine
  • Servo Feeder
  • Cutting Machine
  • Transition Feeder
  • Roll Forming Machine
  • And The Blanking Machine
  • And Other Components, The Layout Of The Mechanical Parts Is Shown

2.Electrical Control Scheme And Software Control Architecture

1) Electrical Control Scheme 

The electrical control system adopts a distributed structure, and the system architecture is divided into twoLayer: The upper computer monitors the management layer, the control layer and the component layer.The upper computer monitors the management layer, by1The centralized monitoring and control layer of the touch screen display adopts Mitsubishi PLC ,The lower layer is the component layer (equipment layer), which is connected to various on-site devices, using distributed1/0Technical realization, completionCollection of various sensor data on site, control of various actuators

2) Software Architecture 

For the analysis of the software requirements of the system, in order to make the software structure clearer and easier to understand and facilitate design and maintenance, the software system is structured and modularized according to the intelligent control function and process requirements.The software is developed according to two functional modules, the human-machine interface module and the motion control module. The human-machine interface module includes log management and user management modules, and the human-machine interface loads the motion.control module

3.Production line product features

1) Product Features

The production line has the following functions and features:

  • Forming is fast, beats5 s/piece;
  • Can automatically correct the position of the sheet;
  • Time-saving and material-saving sheet metal integrated punching and shearing;
  • Linear gradient rolling and repeated bending roll forming;
  • Part forming parameter storage;
  • The size of the parts can be adjusted and flexible;
  • Equipment failure display and alarm to ensure the reliability of equipment safety software, and can automatically optimize the discharge;
  • Remote program transmission;
  • The system has powerful man-machine dialogue ability.

Production Line Key Technology

1.Double Line Mechanical Structure

Production line with step punching punching and composite roll forming (linear gradient roll forming technology, repeated bending roll forming technology)The master workstation, with uncoiling, cutting, and transition material distribution as the slave workstations, forms a sheet metal forming manufacturing system with nine-stage process coordination, as shown in the figure.2.

Before the dosing station, follow the“double line“The structure is designed to meet the needs of the roll forming machine and achieve the goal of rapid manufacturing. After the sheet is divided, the priority principle is adopted when it is transported into the roll.Whoever reaches the rolling population first, whoever is advanced, if both are reached at the same time, the efficiency of the straight line priority is doubled, and the production cycle5s/piece

Each special machine in the mechanical part of the production line (see figure3)Features:

  • Uncoiler (double line, double coil uncoiling): used for automatic uncoiling of double coils.
  • Residual material rack (double line,2table): used for the accumulation of excess sheets after unwinding
  • Leveling feeder (double line,2Table): It is used for flattening and correcting the shape of the sheet, and quickly feeding the next station.
  • Punching machine (double line,2Table): used for punching of all flat holes and incisions in the sheet, as well as the forming of cut tongues and embossing
  • Servo feeder (double line,2table): Servo feeder is used for automatic and precise stripping from the remnant station to the cutting stationpositioning and delivery
  • Cutting machine (double line,2table): used to transfer continuous sheets
  • Transition feeder (single line,1table): used to separate the cut double material according to theChikuma kun rolling station
  • Kun roll forming machine(single me1tower) :Kun milk forming for the cross-sectional shape of the part(Bending and bending).
  • Cutting machine(practice1tower) :Used to accept formed parts

2.Composite Roll Forming Technical Wood

Sheng Yan uses Xia He Pi rolling to form workers,Including Gradient Roll FormingCombination of Gongzhi and Anti-Xia Bending, Kun-Rolling and Forming,effectively eliminatedRuchengInner karma of Cheng Nakahiko,High dimensional consistency of forming surface, YanpinpinPeaceful,Solved the equivalence of workpiece size fluctuation and warping shape.

In Conclusion

At present, it has not been found at home and abroadledEnergy saving lamp reflector quick sheetA report on gold forming manufacturing equipment.The combination of press, shearing machine and bending machine is used in China to produce.Foreign and Near Classes similar equipmentFocus on the automatic molding equipment for refrigerator doors and side panels.This production linethrough the pair ledDesign and analysis of reflector molding process for energy-saving lampsmanufactureof, Same as the original domestic tradition pattern comparison,The advantage is:

  • High degree of automation,Only one person is required for the cutting operation on the whole linedo, The traditional production mode requires6~7Man uses press to work step by step
  • High efficiency,One-piece machining time is only required5 s,while the traditional modelA single step is required6~8 s,To complete a full set of steps requires40~50 s,Efficiency improved10times
  • The parts are of good quality,Automatic forming by assembly line,original lineprogressive roll forming,Eliminate the internal stress of the molding process,Reflector sizehigh consistency,Product quality is stable.
  • Energy saving,The installed capacity of the whole line30 kW,The energy consumption of a single piece is only40w While the traditional production mode requires160TPunch not less than3tower(power22 kW units) ,otherwise3Folding machine and other equipment,total power approx.80kWAccording to the average45s/piece calculation,then a single piece can1000w

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