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New Non-Quenched And Tempered Steel For Automobiles

The use of non-quenched and tempered steel instead of quenched and tempered steel to manufacture various important parts can omit the quenching and tempering treatment that consumes time and increase carbon emissions. It also has the advantages of no heat treatment defects, uniform performance along the section, and easy cutting processing.

New Non-Quenched And Tempered Steel For Automobiles

Therefore, it is considered to be a green material that meets the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction and has been more and more widely used. Now, the automotive industry has proposed the goal of replacing quenched and tempered steel with non-quenched and tempered steel for all forgings.

However, whether automotive quenched and tempered steel forgings will be completely replaced by non-quenched and tempered steel forgings depends on whether the performance of non-quenched and tempered steel forgings can be achieved. The level of quenched and tempered steel, especially its strength, toughness and fatigue resistance.

At present, the widely used non-quenched and tempered steel is ferrite + pearlite. Although its strength or hardness has reached the level of the corresponding quenched and tempered steel, the low toughness of the ferrite + pearlite structure limits its application range. In addition, the tensile strength of the ferrite + pearlite structure is up to 1000 MPa level, which is difficult to break through, and the toughness is low, which cannot well meet the higher requirements for the strength and toughness of the steel in the lightweight of automobiles. Therefore, the strength and toughness are developed.

Non-quenched and tempered steel with better comprehensive mechanical properties is an important research topic in the current steel field. Important progress has been made in domestic research and development of non-quenched and tempered steel for automobiles.

High-strength and high-toughness bainite non-quenched and tempered steel FAS2225 (Mn-Cr-V series)

The steel uses a higher Mn content to obtain a granular bainite structure, avoids the use of precious metals such as Mo, and adds an appropriate amount of microalloying element V to improve the strength and toughness of the steel. The application results show that the steel has a good combination of strength and toughness, as well as excellent fatigue properties.

All performance indicators have reached the design requirements of trucks, and the performance is equivalent to similar non-quenched and tempered steel imported from Japan; and the traditional quenched and tempered steel ( 45, 42CrMo) and non-quenched and tempered steels (16Mn2VB, 32SiMnVTiS), etc., the fatigue life of automobile front axles produced with this steel is the highest. This new type of non-quenched and tempered steel can be used to replace traditional Cr and Cr-Mo type quenched and tempered steels to manufacture automobile front axles and other parts that require high strength and toughness. The use of this steel to produce truck front axles has been finalized and applied in batches.

High-strength medium carbon non-quenched and tempered steel FAS2340 (Ma-Cr- V-B series)

The semi-axles of traditional large-rod diameter heavy-duty commercial vehicles are made of quenched and tempered steel 42CrMo. In order to reduce the cost of heat treatment, especially the quenching deformation, a high-strength medium-carbon non-quenched and tempered steel FAS2340 (Ma-Cr-V-B series) for large rod diameter shafts and suitable for surface induction hardening has been developed.

The performance indicators of the steel are equivalent to those of the same grade materials produced in Japan, and the material fatigue performance is close to quenched and tempered steel. In particular, after the surface induction hardening treatment of the half shaft, the static torsion fatigue life is improved by more than 100% compared with the quenched and tempered steel 42CrMoH, which can replace 42CrMoH steel for the manufacture of 52-62 mm large rod diameter heavy-duty commercial vehicle half shafts. Now it has been finalized and applied in batches.

Medium carbon non-quenched and tempered steel ADVANS850FS for expanding and breaking connecting rods

At present, high-carbon steel C70S6 is generally used for the production of connecting rods by expanding and breaking technology, but the material has a low yield ratio and lower fatigue performance than quenched and tempered steel of the same strength level; and poor cutting performance.

By adding B and P elements in the medium carbon steel to moderately increase the brittleness of the steel and reduce the plasticity, a new type of medium carbon non-quenched and tempered steel ADVANS850FS for expansion and fracture connecting rods with excellent comprehensive performance has been developed.

The steel not only has a higher strength level and yield ratio, but also has a high cycle fatigue performance much higher than that of C70S6 steel. The results of the simulated expansion and fracture test show that the newly developed steel has a small amount of deformation before and after the expansion and fracture, which is significantly better than C70S6. It is suitable for the use of the expansion and fracture process to manufacture automobile engine connecting rods with higher fatigue performance requirements.

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