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Quality Requirements And Selection Of Thin Steel Plates For Automobiles

For automobile body surface covering parts, the surface quality of the steel plate will directly affect the paint quality and vividness of the body. At present, the surface of domestic thin steel plates mainly suffers from scratches, rust, pits and poor cleanliness, and some materials coated with anti-rust oil are difficult to clean. In addition, due to insufficient flatness of the steel plate, slip lines appear after some materials are stamped into parts within the specified time limit, which deteriorates the appearance quality of the parts.

Quality Requirements And Selection Of Thin Steel Plates For Automobiles

The painting effect is better when the surface roughness of the white body of the truck is Ra≤1.31,tm. In actual production, the measured value of surface roughness of some “Dongfeng” truck body-in-white parts (material is 08AL/St14), it can be seen that there is still a gap between the measured value and the requirements.

In recent years, with the increase of domestic steel mills’ imported thin steel plate production equipment, the level of domestic thin steel plate rolling has also improved. The plate shape and dimensional tolerances of the steel plate are well controlled within the standard range. It is basically the same as the imported steel plate, but the same plate difference is larger than that of the imported material. The main problem that exists at present is that the wide panel cannot be produced normally in China. Therefore, this part of the thin steel plate is all dependent on imports. Cold-rolled exploratory wide-surface steel plates are mainly used for the production of roof coverings and floor panels of cars and vans. The current maximum width is 1950mm. The width of deep-drawn wide-surface steel plates to be imported ranges from 1750mm to 1950mm.

As domestic steel mills have updated or introduced steelmaking and refining equipment. The use of advanced desulfurization, degassing, out-of-furnace refining, vacuum treatment and other process technologies. In recent years, the stability of the chemical composition of thin steel plates has improved, and the harmful effects in steel The element content is significantly reduced, which plays a great role in improving the formability of the thin steel sheet.

According to the stamping level, thin steel plates can be divided into ordinary level (EDDQ) and super deep drawing level (S-EDDQ). At present, the ordinary grade carbon cable structural steel sheets produced in China, such as Q195~Q235, etc. and stamping grade 08Al (all GB13237 and GB5213Z grade, HF grade varieties), are comparable to foreign imported materials in terms of mechanical properties and process properties. Technically speaking, these materials do not need to be imported at all. But for the special deep drawing grade 08AI (G135213ZF grade varieties and Stl4, St15, etc.) and ultra deep drawing grade (IF steel) steel plates. There are still differences in mechanical properties and process performance between domestic materials and imported materials. This part of the domestic thin The main problem of steel plate is that the performance fluctuation ratio (CQ), stamping level (DQ), deep drawing level (DDQ), and extra deep drawing level are large.

The development requirements of the automobile industry for thin steel plates

Reduce the weight of the car and reduce the consumption of steel. Improve the corrosion resistance and extend the service life of the car is the development trend of automotive materials. Therefore, the production of thin steel plates should work in this area while improving the quality. The quality requirements for thin steel plates in automobile production:

  • ①Surface defects are not allowed;
  • ②Should have good process performance, stamping performance, and forming performance. Welding performance, paint performance, fresh shadow of the paint surface;
  • ③should have good corrosion resistance. Surface corrosion resistance, perforation corrosion resistance;
  • @should have good dent resistance.


  • The physical quality of domestic thin steel plates ranging from ordinary to deep drawing levels has reached or exceeded the physical quality level of imported similar materials, and the physical quality of ultra-deep drawing and super-probing thin steel plates needs to be further improved.
  • The detection performance, coating thickness, surface coating state, strength and width of galvanized steel sheet need to be further improved or expanded. Manufacturers of aluminized plates have yet to be further implemented, and the physical quality needs to be greatly improved.
  • Domestic thin steel plate manufacturers should establish a user file management system, and gradually adjust the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the same grade of steel according to the use of the part and the complexity of the shape to ensure the pass rate of the part forming.
  • The domestic trial production of thin steel plates such as hot-rolled pickled oil-coated plates, high-strength IF steel plates, and bake-hardened steel plates should be accelerated to provide more and better materials for the automotive industry.

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