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Selection Of CNC Drilling And Milling Machines

CNC drilling machine and CNC milling machine are an important equipment in circuit board processing. The equipment is expensive. The selection of CNC machine tools is not only for operation,

Process setup and maintenance are both important to the quality of the produced product.

As a craftsman, out of pure technical and operational considerations, the selection indicators of CNC machine tools generally start from the following aspects:

1. Rigidity and stability of the machine table:

In order to make the machine tool have sufficient stability and rigidity to avoid vibration, many manufacturers use marble as the material of the bed, and some Japanese manufacturers use marble.

Use steel as the bed, because the deformation of steel at different temperatures is larger than that of marble, and it is unstable. The manufacturer will use compensation in the software to eliminate it.

Loss of accuracy due to deformation.At present, most manufacturers use natural marble or artificial marble as the bed, and it is recommended to use a marble bed.

For the equipment of the body, the marble should be cleaned with detergent and water during the usual maintenance, and alcohol should not be used.After wiping, dry it with a dry cloth and wait for the moisture to completely evaporate;It can work after sending.

2. The speed and stability of the shaft:

At present, there are two kinds of rotating shafts, one is rolling bearing with a maximum speed of 80,000 rpm, and the other is an air bearing with a maximum speed of 120,000 rpm.if

The milling machine should use rolling bearings, because its longitudinal load is better than that of air bearings, and its drill chuck is also the focus of investigation.

The heads are not easy to replace and maintenance is difficult. Some drill chucks wear out quickly and become consumables and are expensive to replace. Some require daily maintenance and waste time.

The presser foot of the rotating shaft is also another, and its unreasonable life and design will also cause great trouble. For example, there is no seal between the shaft and the presser foot, causing dust collection.

The high power of the vacuum cleaner will cause the waste of money for the purchase of the vacuum cleaner or the power waste of the central vacuum cleaner, and may cause poor chip removal in the circuit board hole.

3. The movement accuracy and displacement repeatability of the table top:

This is the most important point when choosing, and it cannot be seen through pictures or ordinary operation. It can only be certified after testing after purchase.

The current equipment can meet the design standards when it first leaves the factory. The key is whether the accuracy is very stable after running for one to two years. In this regard

Machine tools produced in Europe do better.

4. Feed rate of X, Y, Z axis:

The current feed rate generally uses a screw stepping motor with a speed of 25 meters per minute, and the new product has adopted a servo motor, with a high feed rate

It can increase the production capacity by 20%-40%. The speed of the Z axis is affected by the feed rate of the drill bit and the material to be drilled, which has little effect on the production efficiency.

5. The movement and fixing device of the table:

The moving load of the table top is mainly based on guide rails in the past, and there are also air flotation as the carrying load of the table movement. The air flotation table is used to move flexibly and maintain

Convenience, as the first choice when purchasing.The device for fixing the circuit board on the table is generally a pneumatic chuck, and the design of the chuck is very important for the replacement of the equipment in the future.

To influence, it is generally required that it is not easy to wear, because it is one of the most severely worn places in the equipment when it is worn.It is easy to replace and debug once worn

, including the debugging of the positioning accuracy of the machine tool (for making templates for milling machines).There are many manufacturers that offer automatic clamping devices, if you do not have

It is best not to use good equipment maintenance engineers, because the use of automatic loading and unloading devices has high requirements for maintenance engineers, and the current line

It sometimes takes more than 1 hour to drill the road board at a time, and it is generally not necessary to use it in China.

6. Maximum processing size:

The maximum machining size is purchased according to the needs, most of the current machine tools can meet your needs, except for some single-axis or double-axis for the sample

Or outside the machine tool where the test fixture is made.

7. Operating system and control system:

Nowadays, many machine tools use the common windows operating system, which is very friendly, and some also use Chinese, which is easier to learn and operate.

The disadvantage is that the stability of computer viruses is slightly worse and the management is more difficult. Some use industrial systems or Unix systems. The advantage of this system is that it is stable.

Good quality, not easy to fail, easy to manage. But the operation interface is all in English, and the operation is a little slow.From the point of view of process and equipment maintenance.

8. Tool management system:

In the past, there were few machine tools with only 8 tool holders. Now most of the CNC machine tools can hold hundreds of drills, and some systems also

There are automatic broken drill detection and diameter detection length and radial runout systems. The items that need to be paid attention to when selecting models are that most of the drill bits of CNC machines

Placed at the front end of the table, this design method has a disadvantage. If the circuit board processed during work jumps and escapes due to fixing problems, it is easy to hit.

Bad all drill bits including the drill bit holder.Some drill holders are designed to be placed above the machine, such as some Swiss-made machines that do not cause this problem

The sensitivity of the detection mechanism is too high and too low, which is not good for the machine tool. Generally, it is better to be lower.

9. Purchase of optical ruler system:

At present, most of the measurement systems of CNC machine tools use optical rulers as the feedback system for position and accuracy measurement, and some also use magnetic rulers and optical rulers.

The system stability and resolution of the ruler are high. Because the reading head of the optical ruler has no contact and friction with the ruler body, the service life is very long, but the equipment should be kept clean.Clean to minimize dust pollution.

10. Vacuum system:

If the company does not have a central vacuum system and uses an ordinary industrial vacuum cleaner as a set, it should be noted that the power of the vacuum cleaner should be higher, preferably higher than the original design.

The required power is 30-50% larger, because in the actual use process, the power will drop a lot due to the blockage of the filter, followed by the powder bag of the vacuum cleaner.

There must be enough capacity. If the capacity is too small, workers will often stop working to deal with dust and affect production efficiency.

11. Protection system:

Refers to the software of the equipment and the protection system designed on the equipment to prevent accidental injuries and accidents of the equipment itself, such as grating protection red External line protection air switches, etc., such as infrared protection, need to be designed reasonably, and some protection designs are not very convenient for maintenance.So full authority balance.


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