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Shenyang Machine Tool’s CNC Machining Program Instruction Card

Shenyang Machine Tool NC Machining Program Instruction Card is a tool for programming and control, used to instruct Shenyang Machine Tool to perform NC machining. It contains a series of predefined instructions, which are used to specify how the machine should perform machining operations.

Shenyang Machine Tool CNC Machining Program Instruction Card

Shenyang machine tool CNC machining program instruction card usually includes the following information:

  • Program number: Each program requires a unique program number for identification and recall.
  • Program Name: Assign a human-readable name to the program so you can find it quickly if needed.
  • Program Comments: Add descriptive comments to programs to understand their purpose and function if needed.
  • Program start and end instructions: Instructions that specify the beginning and end of a program, usually a single module containing the code for all programs.
  • Tool selection command: Specify which tool to use for processing, including tool number and tool type.
  • Cutting speed and feed speed command: Specify cutting speed and feed speed for adjustment during CNC machining.
  • Coordinate system setting command: specify which coordinate system to use for processing, including workpiece coordinate system, machine tool coordinate system and workpiece zero offset, etc.
  • Processing method command: specify the processing method, such as drilling, milling, turning, etc.
  • Machining program instructions: Instructions containing actual machining operations, such as cutting, feeding, retracting, etc.
  • End-of-Program Instruction: An instruction that specifies the end of a program, usually a single module that contains all program code.

Shenyang Machine Tool CNC machining program instruction cards are formulated according to specific machine models and processing requirements, so different machines and processing tasks may require different instruction cards.

Practice has proved that the actual processing of grease with a single processing program and process accumulation still has its merits. Because the operator does not have a clear understanding of the content of the program and does not fully understand the intention of the programmer, the programmer often needs to explain, explain and guide verbally on the spot. Yes, but if the program is for long-term mass production, it is difficult for programmers to be on site at all times.

The Main Contents Of The Adding Program

In addition, if the programmer is temporarily absent or transferred, and the familiar operator is not present or transferred, the trouble will be even more, and it will even cause a quality accident or a temporary stoppage of production. Therefore, it is very useful to give the necessary detailed description of the processing program, especially for those programs that need to be stored and used for a long time. According to the application practice, the main contents of the adding program are explained as follows:

  • The model number of the CNC machining equipment used and the model of the control machine;
  • Tool setting point (program origin) and allowable tool setting error;
  • The coordinate direction and position of the workpiece relative to the machine tool (represented by Deli);
  • Symmetrical axis used for mirror processing;
  • For the specifications of the tools used, the drawing numbers and their corresponding tool numbers in the program, the compensation value must be increased or decreased according to the actual tool radius or length (for example, when using the same program and the same tool for roughing) , increase the tool radius compensation value), the block number for changing the tool, etc.;
  • The order of the processing content of the whole program (equivalent to the content description and the sequence of work steps), so that the operator can understand what to do first and what to do later;
  • Subroutine description, the content of the subroutine programmed into the program should be explained, so that people can understand the function of each subroutine;
  • Other issues that need special explanation, such as the block number of planned stop for the tight point (moving platen) that needs to be replaced during processing, the block number of planned stop for intermediate measurement, the maximum allowable tool radius and length.

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