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The Basic Principle Of Hydraulic Press

1. The vast majority of hydraulic presses use liquid as the operating medium, and are made according to Pascal’s principle to transmit kinetic energy to realize various processes. Generally speaking, the hydraulic press consists of three parts: the machine (hydraulic equipment), the power unit and the hydraulic transmission system.The whole sentence intelligent original hydraulic press types include valve hydraulic press, liquid hydraulic press, engineering hydraulic press

1. The total areas of the large and small hydraulic pumps are S2 and S1 respectively, and the reaction forces on the hydraulic pumps are F2 and F1 respectively.According to Pascal’s principle, the pressure of the closed liquid is equal everywhere, that is, F2/S2=F1/S1=p; F2=F1(S2/S1), indicating that the harvesting function of the hydraulic press is the same as the harvesting of the machine, the force increases, but the power is not Harvest, for this reason, the moving distance of the large hydraulic pump is S1/S times that of the small hydraulic pump.
2. Hydraulic press is a machine and equipment that uses hydraulic transmission technology for working pressure production and processing, and can also be used for various forging and pressure forming production and processing. For example, the forging of stainless steel plates, the forming of metal structural parts, the pressing of plastic products and rubber products, etc. Hydraulic press is one of the earliest machines to apply hydraulic transmission. At present, hydraulic transmission has been selected as the primary transmission method for working pressure processing machinery.In heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing, aviation industry, plastics and non-ferrous metal processing industries, etc., hydraulic presses have been selected as important machinery and equipment

3. The hydraulic transmission system of the hydraulic press is mainly based on pressure conversion, with high system pressure, large flow and high power. Therefore, special attention should be paid to improving the power utilization rate of the prime mover and preventing shock and vibration during pressure relief to ensure safety and reliability.

4. According to the production and processing requirements of the hydraulic press, the main cylinder can perform the basic work cycle of faster downlink, speed reduction, production, pressure maintenance delay, pressure relief return, and termination (any position), and the pressure, speed and pressure holding time Need to be able to adjust. The ejector hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to eject the workpiece, and it needs to realize the actions of ejection, retraction and termination. For example, when the metal sheet is stretched, auxiliary actions such as lifting, termination and pressure return of the ejector hydraulic cylinder are required. Sometimes the blank is pressed with a blank holder to prevent wrinkling around it.

5. The hydraulic press takes the large working pressure (tonnage) that may be output by the primary actuator (master cylinder) in the main movement as the primary specification of the hydraulic press, and has been serialized. The tonnage of the top cylinder is usually 20% to 150% of the tonnage of the main cylinder. The injection cylinder of the continuous extruder can choose about ten percent of the primary tonnage. The tonnage of the blank holder cylinder of the double-action stretching hydraulic press is usually about 60% of the tonnage of the stretching cylinder.

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