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The Composition Of High Vacuum Magnetic Field Heat Treatment Device

The Composition Of High Vacuum Magnetic Field Heat Treatment Device

Magnetic field heat treatment has attracted much attention in the field of materials research because it can effectively improve the structure, mechanics and magnetic properties of metal materials.Chinese et al. found that suitable magnetic field heat treatment can greatly improve the coercivity and remanence ratio of Nd2Fe14B/Fe3B nano-exchange coupling magnets.

The study by S.Y.Li et al. showed that the magnetostriction of Terfenol-D2-2 composite material was increased from 860×10-6 before treatment to 1530×10-6 by magnetic field heat treatment. However, there is currently no finished magnetic heat treatment equipment in the domestic market, so there are complicated processes and unsatisfactory magnetic fields or temperature when performing magnetic heat treatment on experimental samples.

The high-vacuum magnetic field heat treatment device in this article can easily vacuum the furnace cavity. During the design process, it not only ensures the magnetic field and temperature requirements in the furnace cavity, but also controls the overall size of the magnetic field heat treatment device as much as possible. In order to more accurately reflect the temperature in the furnace cavity, this device uses two independent temperature measurement and control instruments.

Equipment composition and main technical performance parameters

Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram of the magnetic field heat treatment device. The device is mainly composed of a DC magnetic field generator, a vacuum system and a heat treatment furnace. The related technical performance parameters are listed in Table 1.

The Composition Of High Vacuum Magnetic Field Heat Treatment Device

  1. Tubular furnace thermostat
  2. Vacuum instrument
  3. Vacuum furnace chamber
  4. Diffusion pump
  5. Vacuum furnace chamber thermostat
  6. DC magnetic field generator
  7. Heat treatment furnace
  8. Thermocouple Ⅰ
  9. Thermocouple Ⅱ
  10. Water cooling pipe
  11. DC magnetic field power supply

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