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The Effect of Solution Treatment On G80T High Temperature Bearing Steel

G80T steel is a special type of M50 steel smelted by electroslag directional solidification, which belongs to the second-generation bearing steel with medium temperature resistance to 350℃. Judging from the current domestic and foreign reports, M50 steel is still the main material for the manufacture of aero-engine main shaft bearings, with a maximum operating temperature of 315°C. The ever-increasing DN value (the product of the bearing diameter and the bearing speed) requires the main bearing of the engine to have higher bending and torsion resistance, which puts higher requirements on the toughness of the bearing material. The existing research results show that the original material of G80T steel can be refined through dynamic recrystallization, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the toughness of the bearing material and increasing the strength of the material. In order to ensure that the grains of the hot-deformed G80T steel have both fine grains and high hardness after solution treatment, the researchers selected G80T steel with fine structure grains after dynamic recrystallization as the raw material, and studied the austenitizing temperature And the influence of austenitizing time on structural properties.

The Effect of Solution Treatment On G80T High Temperature Bearing Steel

The test material is a directional electroslag remelting smelting, a cast high temperature bearing steel G80T steel ingot with a diameter of Φ150cm, and its composition (mass fraction, %) is C0.82, Cr4.11, Mo4.19, V0.97, and the balance Fe .

After the ingot is subjected to high temperature diffusion annealing for 5 hours, it is sampled and processed into a cylindrical sample of Φ8mm×15mm. In order to refine the grain size through dynamic recrystallization, the thermal simulation tester Gleeble-3800 was kept at 1200°C for 2 minutes, then cooled to 1050°C at 5°C/min, and 60% compression was performed at a deformation rate of 10s-1. Deformed, then cooled to 600°C at 5°C/min and then cooled to room temperature to obtain a deformed sample.

The hot-compressed sample is solid-solution treated in a box-type resistance furnace at a temperature of 950, 1000, 1050, 1100, 1150, 1200 ℃, to the warm charging furnace, the holding time is 5, 10, 30, 60 min, Quick oil quenching after being out of the furnace. The sample was uniformly slit into two halves along the direction of pressure loading during thermal compression, and the structure and hardness of the central part of the longitudinal section were observed.

The results show that with the increase of the solution temperature, the austenite grain size slowly increases to about 7-8μm before 1050℃, and then grows abnormally with the further increase of the solution temperature. The microhardness of the test steel first increases and then decreases with the solid solution temperature. The microhardness reaches 921HV0.2 at 1050℃, which is caused by the combined effect of fine-grain strengthening and carbide precipitation strengthening. The thermodynamic calculation results show that the grain growth behavior of the 60% hot-compressed G80T steel during the re-austenitization process is controlled by the diffusion of alloying elements, and its diffusion activation energy is 333kJ/mol.

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