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The Measures And Effects Of Nitrogen Increase In High Nitrogen Stainless Steel Melting

The Measures And Effects Of Nitrogen Increase In High Nitrogen Stainless Steel Melting

High-nitrogen stainless steel refers to a steel with a ferrite matrix with a nitrogen content of more than 0.08% (mass fraction, the same below) or an austenite matrix with a nitrogen content of more than 0.4%. High nitrogen stainless steel has many advantages, such as high strength and toughness, good ductility, low magnetic permeability, and good corrosion resistance.

These characteristics are mainly due to the addition of nitrogen. In the early stage, if nitrogen residues appeared in the steel, it would cause age hardening, pores and segregation, resulting in defects or even scrapping of steel castings.

Later, researchers found that nitrogen can significantly increase the strength of steel, increase the stability of the austenite structure in steel, and improve the pitting and crevice corrosion resistance of steel.

In order to study the nitrogen-increasing effect of nitrogen injection and addition of chromium-nitride alloy on molten steel, the scholars smelted high-nitrogen nickel-free stainless steel (17Cr12Mn2Mo) by changing the nitrogen partial pressure, temperature and adding chromium-nitride alloy on a 50kg vacuum induction melting furnace. And compare the test results with the theoretical calculation results.

Experiments show that by changing the nitrogen partial pressure and temperature, stainless steel with a certain nitrogen content can be smelted. The nitrogen increase effect of increasing the nitrogen partial pressure is more obvious than changing the temperature. When the nitrogen partial pressure reaches 0.65MPa, the measured nitrogen content can reach the theoretical value; Adding a nitrogen-containing alloy to smelt high-nitrogen stainless steel has a greater nitrogen-increasing effect than adjusting temperature and nitrogen partial pressure, and the actual nitrogen content is higher than the theoretical value.

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