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The Selection Function Of CNC Machine Tools For CNC MachineTools

(1) Fixed cycle function
Machining parts with CNC machine tools, some typical processing procedures, such as drilling, boring, deep hole drilling and tapping, etc., the action cycles to be completed are very typical, these typical actions are pre-programmed and stored in memory , use the code to instruct, form the fixed cycle function, the fixed cycle function can greatly simplify the programming.
(2) Compensation function
During machining, due to tool wear or tool replacement. And the lead screw pitch error and backlash in the mechanical threading will make the size of the actually machined parts inconsistent with the size specified in the program, resulting in machining errors. The compensation function of the device is to input the compensation amount of the length or radius of the tool, the pitch error and the one-way gap error into its memory, and the memory will recalculate the path and coordinate size of the tool according to the compensation amount, and process the parts that meet the requirements.
(3) Communication function
The device usually has an interface, and some also have an interface, which can be connected to a variety of input and output devices to realize the input and output storage of programs and parameters. adapt to the requirements.
(4) Man-machine dialogue programming function
Some devices can be programmed directly according to the blueprint. The programmer only needs to input a few simple commands on the drawing, and then all the intersection points, tangent points and center coordinates can be automatically calculated to generate the processing program. Some devices can carry out conversational programming according to the instructions and display of the guide map, and some devices are also equipped with user macro programs. User macro programs are a set of programming language-macro programming instructions provided by the user according to the device. Some special processing programs written by oneself can be transferred from the main program of the part when used, and can be reused. Operators who have received programming training can use it to program quickly.


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