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What Are The Advantages Of Machinable Ceramics

Thousands of years ago, early human civilizations used ceramics, and archaeologists have also unearthed many ceramic products of different ages. Today in the 21st century, with the development of modern industry, ceramic materials are more and more used in various fields, and ceramic materials are used in aerospace, machinery, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields.

What Is Machinable Ceramics

What are the advantages of machinable ceramics-Pintejin Ceramics

Compared with metal materials and polymer materials, traditional ceramic materials have many advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, etc., and can fully demonstrate their excellent properties when used in high temperature, corrosion and other environments.

Due to the influence of its own chemical bonds and microstructure, the brittleness and hardness of ceramics make it difficult to process.For example, it is easy to break and crack when subjected to stress, so the use in this area is greatly limited. In order to solve this problem, the research and development of ceramic materials has become one of the current research hotspots.

Finally people have developed a kind of ceramics that can be processed by ordinary methods – machinable ceramics.

The Advantage Of Machinable Ceramics

Machinable ceramics have good machining performance and also have many advantages of ceramic materials, such as high hardness and high temperature resistance. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, the density of machinable ceramics is low, and it is not as high as other ceramic materials in terms of hardness, etc., but the strength of machinable ceramics is one of the best among ceramic materials, and due to its low density, under the same volume, The weight of machinable ceramics is very low, and its density is generally 2.6g/cm3, so machinable ceramic materials have the characteristics of high strength and light weight, which are in line with the mainstream of modern products that are light and strong.

Machinable ceramics can be produced in a variety of colors, because machinable ceramics are manufactured by the accumulation method that can enrich the hue, and the white as the basic color is matched with rich colors. It has strong high temperature resistance and durability. As an inorganic material, it will not deteriorate or fade even in harsh environments.

The emergence of machinable ceramics has improved many technical problems, has the advantages of both ceramics and metals, and has a very broad application prospect.

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